Call Bluegrass For Christmas Light Removal & Storage Or To Update Your Spring Landscaping

Have you procrastinated taking down your holiday light display outside because it’s so cold? When the nicest day is 45 degrees, it usually happens on a weekday and it’s dark by the time you get home. Instead of worrying about what the neighbors think or the warning that might come from the homeowners’ association, call us here at Bluegrass Incorporated to take down and store your holiday lighting.

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Let Bluegrass Save Your Mental State with Affordable Holiday Installation, Take Down, and Storage

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. You might be busy, but you love the nostalgia and generosity that comes with the holiday season. You want to be able to keep that feeling alive instead of becoming overwhelmed, and we want to help ease your stress here at Bluegrass Incorporated. You’re wondering how that would be possible. We take away the anxiety of the added tasks of decorating the exterior of your home.

You love pulling onto your street and seeing your house all lit up in holiday cheer. It makes you smile every time you pull into your driveway, but it takes a great deal of time to complete all the decorating that you love so much. We provide premier holiday and event lighting services for Canton, Ohio, and its surrounding areas. We do so much more than just put up your holiday lights. We also take them down at the end of the holiday season and store them so that you don’t have to worry about them next year. Delegate your holiday projects with one phone call to us here at Bluegrass.

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Bluegrass Puts Up, Takes Down, And Stores Your Holiday Lighting Displays To Give You Peace Of Mind

With black Friday in the rearview mirror, the holidays are fast approaching. Here at Bluegrass Incorporated, we understand that this is—truly— the busiest time of the year. From preparing end-of-year plans to shopping for loved ones, we know that you’re trying your best to keep up with the craziness. Homeowners and business owners alike are sharing this hectic energy, and our incredible team of landscapers is ready to take some of that weight off your shoulders.

This is the time of year you should be focusing on the important things! We allow you to do that by providing you with a full holiday outdoor lighting decoration service so that you can spend this season wrapping gifts and baking cookies. We can create a wide variety of lighting designs and accents that are placed to perfectly complement your home or business. We customize your Christmas display to your requirements. No more risking your safety on a ladder in the cold trying to figure out which bulb burnt out. Taking this holiday hassle out of your schedule will allow you the time for what’s important this season!

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Get ready for the holidays and add warmth and safety with outdoor lighting from Bluegrass

The most wonderful time of the year is on the horizon, and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. No matter what’s being celebrated, winter brings people together, and there is no better way to solidify this special time than a decadent custom landscaping design that screams holiday cheer! Here at Bluegrass Incorporated, we are dedicated to helping you create and sculpt your perfect yard so that it can serve you and your family for many winters to come.

Why should you choose us?

Established in 1994, we deliver high-quality craftsmanship with superior service and are well renowned as the contractor that you can depend on. Growing bigger and better for over 20 years, we now have even more experience in satisfying customers and creating gorgeous landscapes. Our staff has grown with us, ensuring that every service we provide is backed by qualified personnel to the fullest measure.

Being family owned and operated, we know how important this time of year is for making long-lasting memories, and our priority is your safety and satisfaction. Proudly licensed and insured, we also boast a full two-year warranty on both parts and labor, so our customers know we stand behind our quality craftsmanship. Partnered with the national irrigation association and established as a nationally certified irrigation contractor, we have been pleasing customers year after year without fail!

What can outdoor lighting do for your home?

One of the key services we provide here at Bluegrass Incorporated is outdoor lighting. Proper lighting outside of your home or business is essential to maintaining the desired atmosphere. Not only can ideal lighting completely enhance the curb appeal of any home or business, but it can also ensure safety and security. By eliminating potentially dangerous, unlit areas, outdoor lighting can add an important degree of security when it comes to break-ins or robberies.

Guests with access to a lighted path when leaving your home or business can avoid tripping or falling, which is a risk that can be prevented. The increase in curb appeal is another pro when considering investing in outdoor lighting, especially during the holiday season. Outdoor lighting brings a sense of warmth and safety to any home or business, leaving guests or customers feeling welcomed.

Outdoor residential living spaces, like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, or patios, are enhanced tenfold with atmospheric lighting. Providing both traditional, holiday, and LED outdoor lighting options, customers can find just what they’re looking for to suit their needs. No matter the lighting system you choose to invest in, the outdoor area around your home or business is guaranteed to look amazing while being safe and secure!

Lighting is both an art and a science, and our team at Bluegrass Incorporated utilizes both to create a beautiful blend with amazing effects. We can provide a wide variety of creative designs that are created specifically to suit your outdoor space. We also boast sturdy construction work that will withstand harsh winds and storms, so you can use and enjoy our work for years to come. We specialize in the installation, removal, general service, and storage of lighting apparatuses…even Christmas lights!

You put up, store, and take down Christmas lights?

Yes! We do! There is no need to ever worry again about untangling strings of lights while the holiday spirit flies out of the window. With the holiday season fast approaching and being one of the most stressful times of the year for most people, we want to take away some of the stress. You can take the time you would use to decorate to shop and bake and still be able to appreciate twinkling lights as you pull into the driveway.

Our expert lighting team knows exactly where to place each fixture for optimum lighting potential, achieving the most beautiful appearance that will make your home or business stand out in the crowd. You can contact us here at Bluegrass Incorporated today to talk with one of our experts on what investments in your home or business are right for you. Together, we can sculpt a stunning landscape for your home or business. There is no limit to what we can create together!

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Reap the benefits of synthetic grass and a pet fencing system in your backyard

Summer is quickly giving way to fall for those in the Northeast Ohio area, and families from all over are starting to enjoy the cooler evenings outside. After a summer of fun, it’s natural for your yard may be in rougher shape than when the season started, which is why families are getting their yard ready for fall!

Here at Bluegrass Incorporated, we can help you turn your dream yard into reality just in time to enjoy the last great weather of the year! There is an abundance of projects that you can do to get your yard in tip-top shape. Sometimes it’s best to call in the professionals and we are here for you with our full-service landscaping services and installation of stunning water features!

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Maintain Beautiful Landscaping with an Irrigation System & Outdoor Lighting by Bluegrass

Your backyard is a powerful, important place for any family regardless of the season. We know you spent the summer using your yard to its fullest potential and enjoying every feature that it has to offer. We also know that summer is coming to a close, and we want to help you wind down into fall the right way—the Bluegrass Incorporated way — with landscape lighting and irrigation system installation!

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Bluegrass Incorporated Experts Provide Expert Affordable Landscape Irrigation System Installation

by Fiona Vernon

Summer is the time of year when you should be able to get out and enjoy your backyard to its fullest extent. With warm breezes at sunset, grilling out for dinner in your state-of-the-art backyard kitchen can be the highlight of your week. Our incredible team of contractors at Bluegrass Incorporated are here to help you build your dream yard, boasting services that range from irrigation installation to invisible pet fencing.

We truly have the tools to help you create your perfectly tailored yard. Established in 1994, we are a team of contractors on whom you can depend, as we have been family owned operated for three generations now! Fully licensed and insured, we care about your safety and the quality of construction we are bringing to your home. With a full two-year warranty on parts and labor, our team is here to make sure you’re fully satisfied with the superior products and service that we provide.

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How You Can Use Landscape Lighting and High-End Water Features to Have The Perfect Outdoor Living Area.

Summer is in the air, as is the smell of cookouts and the sound of laughter. Gathering for summer traditions, like swimming, cooking, playing, drinking, or dancing, is the highlight of the year. We love making memories that last a lifetime at Bluegrass Incorporated, and our goal is to help you do just that in a perfect outdoor living space completely tailored to your lifestyle! Established in 1994, we know the ins and outs of contracting like no one else. With well over 20 years of experience, we understand that any project is an investment. We know that you have a choice in who you trust and that you should feel comfortable and confident with your choice of contractor. We are a family owned and operated custom landscaping company that treats each of our patrons with honestly, loyalty, and integrity. You can truly depend on our experience and stellar reputation!

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Bluegrass Creates an Outdoor Oasis with Custom Landscaping, Lighting, And Irrigation

Summer is the heart of the year, bringing families and friends together for neighborhood barbeques and pool parties. After spending all winter indoors, communities full of people just like you and me are ready to start enjoying this summer season and the wonderful warm air that accompanies it. Being outside and breathing in the fresh breeze, no matter your age, is the highlight of the season, and no one can help you make the perfect outdoor oasis like us here at Bluegrass Incorporated can.

A contractor you can truly depend on, we know that no matter what you want to change in your yard, it’s an investment, and it’s an investment we take very seriously. Our entire landscaping team wants you to feel confident with the contractor that you’ve chosen, and we are ready to prove ourselves, as our impeccable work speaks for itself.

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Call us at Bluegrass Incorporated to Save Time & Money on Outdoor Spring Maintenance

The birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and the sun is showing its face more often. Spring arrived on the calendar over a month ago, but the weather may finally be cooperating. If the warm temperatures have motivated you to get started on the spring outdoor projects on your to get your home ready for summer fun, we can lend a hand here at Bluegrass Incorporated.

We are a local, custom landscaping company that offers everything from spring yard clean up and fresh mulch application to private patio designing and building and irrigation start up. We can help make your outdoor living space a personal space meant to induce relaxation by installing water features, like ponds and waterfalls, as well as landscape lighting, artificial grass, and invisible pet fencing installation to always have your fur baby with you.

How can you spend less time on outdoor spring maintenance?

The short and simple answer is to call us at Bluegrass! If you have been staring out of the back window of your house dreading the day you have to pick up old leaves and branches that have fallen from the trees, we are here to help! Sometimes a major overhaul isn’t the answer for your situation, but a spring yard clean up and fresh mulch application can be just what the lawn doctor ordered.

One phone call not just helps save you time this year, but also for years to come. We install SYNLawn’s artificial turf that looks and feels like natural grass. You will save on lawnmower and weed wacker winterization and fueling costs, as well as not having to replace them when they wear down. You will also save time and stress having to fill holes that your dog likes to dig. He cannot do that with synthetic grass. You will spend more time with your family instead of mowing and trimming every weekend and fertilizing every year.

Is it time for a major overhaul?

Here at Bluegrass, we thrive on helping you create an area that fulfills you. You want to be able to spend as much time with loved ones as possible, and we can help prepare your home for summer entertainment. Maybe the pandemic made you realize that you don’t enjoy the look of certain parts of your home and would like to change them.

We can make your backyard an oasis that you can enjoy with friends and family as the world opens back up. Imagine walking outside and strolling along the stone path with an appealing atmosphere created by landscape lighting. You walk to the firepit area surrounded by brick and beautiful foliage with your friends laughing. If it’s raining, there’s nothing like breathing in the fresh air of the evening under your covered patio. You just have to tell us at Bluegrass about your dream, and we can make it come true.

Something else that we can install in your backyard that will help you enjoy your space is a putting green! When you are an avid golfer who wants to practice even when you aren’t out on the course on the weekend with your friends, we customize putting greens to the space and layout of your yard. We also put them indoors. This is also an awesome way to introduce golf to your kids without going to the mini-golf course every weekend.

No matter what you want in an outdoor living area, we have the experience to accommodate your wishes. We can make any space kid- and pet-friendly but with an atmosphere that allows you to relax on weekend mornings. Call us at Bluegrass Incorporated to get on the schedule!

Bluegrass Incorporated
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