Bluegrass Creates an Outdoor Oasis with Custom Landscaping, Lighting, And Irrigation

Summer is the heart of the year, bringing families and friends together for neighborhood barbeques and pool parties. After spending all winter indoors, communities full of people just like you and me are ready to start enjoying this summer season and the wonderful warm air that accompanies it. Being outside and breathing in the fresh breeze, no matter your age, is the highlight of the season, and no one can help you make the perfect outdoor oasis like us here at Bluegrass Incorporated can.

A contractor you can truly depend on, we know that no matter what you want to change in your yard, it’s an investment, and it’s an investment we take very seriously. Our entire landscaping team wants you to feel confident with the contractor that you’ve chosen, and we are ready to prove ourselves, as our impeccable work speaks for itself.

Who is Bluegrass Inc.?

In 1994, TJ Wilkins established Bluegrass Incorporated with the hope of designing and building outdoor landscapes, irrigation, and lighting. By 1996, we were already being recognized as the largest irrigation installation and landscape lighting company in Northeast Ohio. Over the next twenty years and counting, we have grown to accommodate the surrounding communities’ high demand, continuing to offer new services year after year. Three generations into the landscaping business, our team has perfected our expertise. We take the time to listen to your needs so we can create your perfect outdoor utopia!

Making the Perfect Outdoor Space for Summer

            Our team of landscapers here at Bluegrass consists of professionals who hold up our high work standards. Dedicated to making the most of your investment, the team of beautifiers offer services that include everything you’ll need to create a stunning landscape paradise. Contractors can offer input on custom landscape designs and optimal lighting for everything from everyday use to special events and holidays.

We are also known for our impeccable irrigation installation and are prepared to install reliable and efficient sprinkler systems that will best maintain your landscape. From the design phase to the installation phase, we are standing with you every step of the way. We help you plan, design, and execute the perfect outdoor retreat for you.

The initial consultation can be an overwhelming, which is why we will follow your lead and help implement the impeccable design plan. After analyzing your space, we will work around natural landmarks or remove them based on the vision you have for your perfect escape! After the planning phase is complete, their design team will go over every step with you, so you know exactly what’s going on with your project. Here at Bluegrass, we are here to cater to your landscaping, irrigation, and outdoor design needs.

How about having your furbaby with you when you are relaxing outside and not having to worry about their safety? We even install invisible pet fencing and help you train them. You will even be able to let them out when it’s raining or snowing and not have to go with them.

Whether you’re looking to add value to your home, reinvent your outdoor living space, or just want a little bit of a change, here at Bluegrass Inc., we help you fall back in love with your yard. Landscaping lighting in the right places can add another layer of depth to your home that onlookers just can’t ignore. If you’re looking to take full advantage of the warm summer season, Bluegrass Inc. brings astounding full-service design right into your backyard!

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