Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling Helps Canal Fulton, Ohio, Lower Utility Bills with Affordable AC Maintenance

by Fiona Vernon

As the homeowners of Uniontown, Ohio, and beyond tread deeper into summer, their old AC units are working hard—too hard. The heat and humidity are rough on people and pets, and it can be evident that it’s just as rough on machinery. Anyone living in or around Canal Fulton, Ohio, can attest to the sweltering heat waves that roll in throughout the summer months, and no one knows how to protect their patrons like Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling! Providing 24/7 emergency AC services when their customers need it, this reputable heating and cooling company wants to make sure their customers are safe and taken care of. It’s dangerous when the is AC not working properly as the temperatures keep rising, which is why Hey Neighbor’s preventative maintenance program allows for fewer AC repairs and lower utility bills. From affordable AC installation to repair, anyone can find what they’re looking for! Homeowners living from North Lawrence, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, looking to install their new AC system can improve indoor air quality today with one phone call to Hey Neighbor!

Anyone living in or around North Lawrence this summer season knows that they may encounter brutal heat, which is why staying prepared for emergencies and participating in Hey Neighbor’s preventative maintenance program is so beneficial. Having an AC unit that’s not working properly can be a huge problem when it’s 101 degrees Fahrenheit outside! This reputable heating and cooling company provides patrons with 24/7 emergency AC services for dire situations like these, making sure to keep everyone happy and healthy. This team of professionals has been serving the Northeast Ohio area for over 20 years, so their work has been perfected over 30 years to bring customers the highest quality and most affordable AC repair and installation around. Anyone living in Alliance and beyond can participate in their frequent specials to keep their systems running efficiently for years to come!

What are the detriments to owning an old AC unit, and why might a homeowner want to opt to install a new AC system? Families from Canal Fulton to Uniontown wanting fewer AC repairs can participate in a no-obligation consultation with Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling while exploring financing options that work best for them. If the spent AC unit can no longer make the house a comfortable temperature, it may be time for a replacement. If the unit, for example, was made before 2010 it’s an environmental hazard as it releases R-22 Freon into the atmosphere. Older units are also fire hazards as they run far less efficiently and have a higher chance of malfunctions. Units that haven’t been properly taken care of are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, which can cause health problems. One phone call to Hey Neighbor helps residents improve their indoor air quality!

As much as everyone wants to be ready for the heat of summer, no one ever is. Individuals from Alliance, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio, with an old AC unit who are interested in affordable AC repair and installation that will improve indoor their overall air quality and lower utility bills. Those living in Canal Fulton, Ohio, and beyond with AC units that are not working properly can enlist help from the 24/7 emergency AC services from this reputable heating and cooling company! Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling will install a new AC system that requires fewer repairs, which is the whole reason for their preventative maintenance program. Residents of North Lawrence, Ohio, can finally be prepared for the summer heat, thanks to Hey Neighbor!

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