Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling Helps Minerva, Ohio, Balance Air Flow to Lower Utility Bills

by Fiona Vernon

Homeowners in and around Minerva, Ohio, are ready for summer, but is their air conditioning unit? In the United States, homes are more likely to contain an air conditioning unit than they are a dining room. On Average, around 87% of all Americans have an air conditioner installed in their homes, while only 43% practice annual preventative maintenance on their AC unit. Those who practiced routine upkeep saw a 40% increase in their unit’s lifespan. If someone living in North Canton, Ohio, and beyond has AC that is not working properly, they can call Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling for 24/7 emergency AC services. This reputable heating and cooling company also offers their customers affordable AC repair and installation services for non-emergent situations. Homeowners living from Beach City, Ohio, to Wilmot, Ohio, experiencing random hot spots in their home this summer may want to research optimal DIY air balancing to help lower utility bills and reclaim control of their home!

Discomfort from an unevenly cooled home is not what someone wants after getting home from a long day of work in the summer heat. Random hot spots in a home can indicate a problem with air circulation. Other signs of poor airflow that homeowners in Beach City and beyond should look out for include multiple degree temperature differences between floors or steadily increasing utility costs. Before calling in the experts from Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling to come take a look at the offending unit, there are some DIY air balancing tips that may help optimize airflow and lower utility bills! Homeowners can start by checking the vents throughout their home to ensure they are clean of debris and unobstructed by furniture and other objects.  Changing the air filter every month is the most important preventative maintenance on an AC unit that one can do, ensuring good air quality and airflow. Optimal air balancing can also come in the form of basic household measures, such as setting the ceiling fan to the correct spin direction for the season and adding window coverings to keep out the sun’s rays!

If a homeowner living in or around Wilmot has tried every DIY tip for air optimization and still find that their AC is not working properly, it’s time to call Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling! Specializing in affordable AC repair and installation, Hey Neighbor can help make their home comfortable again. Every customer from Minerva to North Canton knows the high quality of care they can expect to receive from this reputable heating and cooling company. Being family owned and operated, patrons from all around the area can attest to the fast, friendly, and effective service they provide. Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling cares about the families of Northeast Ohio, providing 24/7 emergency AC services to keep people cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

Summer is in full force for those living in and around North Canton, Ohio, and thermostats everywhere have the temperatures to prove it! No one understands the need for preventative maintenance on an AC unit better than those at Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling. Individuals from Wilmot, Ohio, to Minerva, Ohio, experiencing random hot spots in their home may find out sooner rather than later that their AC is not working properly. There are a handful of DIY air balancing tips and tricks patrons can try if they want to lower utility bills. If all else fails, homeowners living in or around Beach City, Ohio, can contact Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling for 24/7 emergency AC services as well as affordable AC installation and repair. This reputable heating and cooling company can help patrons achieve optimal air balancing and more this summer!   
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