Finney’s Drugstore Makes Managing Medication Easier

Finney’s Drugstore is more than a pharmacy, it’s a solution center.

For anyone who has ever taken a prescription, you know that every medication comes with very specific instructions regarding how and when it should be taken. If you’ve had the same medication more than once, but perhaps filled it at a different pharmacy, you know that it may not look the same as it did before due to the use of different manufacturers.

Now, what if you have multiple medications that you need to take over an extended period of time? How does one keep track of everything? Add dietary supplements and over the counter medicines, and it is easy to see how quickly it can become confusing, and how easy it would be to take the wrong medication at the wrong time.

The creative solution offered by Finney’s Drugstore is a program called Doc-U-Dose. This program is designed to allow individuals to easily track the correct time and dosage of each medication they take, and take away the anxiety that comes with juggling their prescriptions.

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Family, Business, and Personal Injury Attorney Firm Earns 2011 Best Local Business Canton Award

When it comes to attorneys in Canton and throughout Stark County there are many choices available. However, if you’re looking for the best attorney in the Canton or Stark County area, then your choice is simple: Recupero & Associates, Attorneys at Law.

In December 2011, Canton and Akron, Ohio law firm Recupero & Associates, Attorneys at Law received some very exciting news: they had just been named the recipient of the 2011 Best Local Business Canton award from The U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

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Tap into Water Treatment in Stark County

If you’re not tapped into Vern Dale’s Water Center, you don’t know what you’re missing. Although located in Stark County, this water treatment company offers solutions for residences and businesses throughout the area, from Massillon to Ravenna.

The principles on which Vern Dale’s Water Center was founded over 50 years ago, are still the driving principles today: to provide the best products and service for your water needs. They offer one of the widest ranges of brand name equipment in the business, as well as providing service for all major brands. Service calls are scheduled quickly and efficiently, often within 24 hours. In addition to outstanding professional service, you will also receive a fair and reasonable charge: in-home service calls are one set rate, not an hourly charge. Continue reading

A Canton/Akron Salon with Something More

Scott Talbot Salonspa, is far more than just a beauty shop.  This Redken Elite Salon maintains a reputation for top notch customer care, as well as a wide range of available services for men and women—everything from hair styling to permanent makeup and skin care to pilates.  These distinctions and more earned them the prestigious designation of a “Top 200” Salon in theUS as named by in January 2012.

In order to achieve the status of a “Top 200,” a salon must offer more than just an assortment of options and quality service.  There are 11 separate best practice categories in which the business is rated, and only by reaching the highest standard in each category does one become a Salon Today “Top 200.”  Scott Talbot Salonspa is one such salon. Continue reading

Online Auto Insurance Knows that Different Variables Can Affect Your Rate When Getting an Online Auto Insurance Quote in Ohio Cities such as Centerburg, Mansfield or Alliance

Using the Internet to get online auto insurance quotes to compare auto insurance premiums is something that is very easy to do, but there are some variables to consider before you go looking for cheaper car insurance. Online Auto Insurance, a provider of free online auto insurance quotes, is aware of this dynamic that changes from locale to locale such as might be the case in Centerburg, Mansfield or Alliance, Ohio when someone goes online to obtain an online auto insurance quote. Continue reading

Ohio Auto Insurance Even Gives Car Insurance Quotes to Small Communities Like Dover, Salem and Ashland Ohio with their Free Ohio Auto Insurance Quote Service

The Internet is a marvelous thing and it is working well in even the smallest of communities like lovely Dover in Tuscarawas County – a lovely place to live, Salem in Columbiana County – not far from the Pennsylvania border and Ashland a sweet little burg south of Cleveland in Mahoning County Ohio. Through the marvelous utility that has come to be known as the Internet, Ohio Auto Insurance offers even the remotest of towns a fast and convenient way to do comparison shopping for their car insurance. Continue reading

Comparison Shopping on the Internet with Online Auto Insurance puts Online Auto Insurance Quotes and a Better Premium at Your Fingertips which is BIG NEWS in Youngstown, Massillon or Toledo, Ohio and Everywhere Else Cars Are Driven!

The Internet is a fast and convenient way to do comparison shopping for most purchases. This is especially true when comparing car insurance premiums. The insurance information available, and the service provided on the Internet by Online Auto Insurance is the best on the web when it comes to comparing rates and even purchasing car insurance via online auto insurance quotes. Continue reading

Ohio Auto Insurance Can Help You Find the Best Premium for Your High Risk Car in Stark, Summit and Wayne County

What’s it like to drive a Porsche with 530 horsepower and a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $194,000? If you own one you know how much it costs to fill it with gas, replace the tires, keep it clean, etc. And driving a slick, expensive sports car is no doubt thrilling with the wind in your hair, coy looks from other drivers and …. the sound of money flying out of your pocket! There’s absolutely no thrill to that! And no reason either if you have done your homework and checked into getting the best car insurance at the best price. Ohio Auto Insurance runs like a Porsche when it comes to getting you online auto insurance quotes. The website is one click away on any computer from Canton to Cleveland – all the way to Marietta, Ohio. (We are just using these cities as an example because they pretty much traverse the – great state – of Ohio. We all know that the Internet is everywhere. After all, it is the World Wide Web!) Continue reading

Good News for Football Fans in Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo and Dayton! You can shop for Online Auto Insurance DURING HALFTIME on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY and Save Money on Your Auto Insurance!

Getting an Online Auto Insurance quote, even during halftime on Super Bowl Sunday, is easy if you live in a big city like Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo or Dayton. In fact, it is easy to connect with many auto insurance companies these days where ever you live because many of them have begun using the Internet to connect with their customers. That is really good news for consumers like you because of the convenience online shopping provides and the time it saves. Today, or even on Super Bowl Sunday, from your computer you can get an online auto insurance quote in a matter of minutes from the web service Online Auto Insurance. In fact, you can CLICK HERE to go to their site right now – you don’t have to wait until halftime on Super Bowl Sunday to their site, and get one or several FREE online auto insurance quotes. But before you do, read on… Continue reading

ALLERGY RESPIRATORY & SLEEP MEDICINE In Canton Ohio Establishes a History of Helping People through Research Studies and Clinical Trials in Canton Ohio

It is not unusual for a patient visiting the Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine center in Canton, Ohio to spend the day in bed under the watchful eye of its caring staff. This happens all the time because when Dr. Given set up his new clinic and research center where he conducts research studies with patients who volunteer for clinical trials, he set aside a comfort room just for this purpose. Dr. Given cares for his patients in a kind and compassionate way. He is the team leader in the office and his staff emulate his passion for good patient care. Continue reading