Tap into Water Treatment in Stark County

If you’re not tapped into Vern Dale’s Water Center, you don’t know what you’re missing. Although located in Stark County, this water treatment company offers solutions for residences and businesses throughout the area, from Massillon to Ravenna.

The principles on which Vern Dale’s Water Center was founded over 50 years ago, are still the driving principles today: to provide the best products and service for your water needs. They offer one of the widest ranges of brand name equipment in the business, as well as providing service for all major brands. Service calls are scheduled quickly and efficiently, often within 24 hours. In addition to outstanding professional service, you will also receive a fair and reasonable charge: in-home service calls are one set rate, not an hourly charge.

There are a number of different water treatments plans to choose from at Vern Dale’s which include:

  • Multi-stage point-of-use reverse osmosis systems
  • Whole house UV sterilizers
  • Whole house sediment, carbon, and iron filters

What is reverse osmosis? Reverse osmosis is a water treatment process which removes large molecules and ions from water by pushing the water through a semi-permeable membrane. As untreated water passes through the pores in the membrane, contaminants are removed. Reverse osmosis can be used on a small scale, such as in a home, but also has industrial applications on a much larger scale, like the desalination of seawater.

Why invest in water treatment for your home? Here are few good reasons:

  • We all know that doctors and health experts have long suggested drinking approximately 64 oz. of water per day. Make sure that the water you’re drinking is the best tasting, best-for-you water available!
  • In addition to the water you drink, also consider the water with which you cook or mix into other beverages, either as ice or to dilute concentrates. Again, you will get better taste and better nutrition from treated water.
  • Are you buying bottled water because your tap water is not appealing? The long-term investment in water treatment will save you money at the grocery store.
  • Besides saving money, you will also save waste with fewer plastic water bottles heading to landfills.
  • Don’t forget the convenience factor! No more carrying heavy pallets of bottles, and you will never run out of healthy, great-tasting water when it’s available straight from the tap.

Vern Dale’s stands behind its products which is why their systems are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry. Your satisfaction is the number one priority.

Not sure what your needs are? Vern Dale’s can help with that, too. Their highly trained technicians will perform a free water analysis, and help you determine what solutions are right for you. In order to best serve you, Saturday hours and special appointments are also available!

In addition to installing and servicing water treatment systems, Vern Dale’s also provides water softener maintenance and salt, which can be delivered right to your door. Other de-icing products are also available to keep your sidewalk and driveway safe this winter!

Get started on your personal water solutions by contacting Vern Dale’s Water Center at 330-455-9466 or VernDaleWater.com today!