Upgrading to Silca System Elevated Decks in Columbus & Central Ohio

Elegant, creative Silca System elevated deck made with brick pavers

Who wouldn't love an elegant elevated deck like this? It's easy with Silca System and brick pavers!

Be prepared for Silca System decking materials to take everything you have ever thought about decks, and turn it on its head. Central Ohio is an incredibly diverse area, and whether you’re near one of the many wooded areas or if you’re within minutes of downtown Columbus, you could get years of enjoyment from a Silca System elevated deck.

Already, you may be thinking that adding a deck to your home or renovating your current deck is not option due to price. However, Silca System is an extremely cost effective investment. With Silca System subflooring, you can create a masterpiece that will pay for itself in a very short time. Between the increased value of your property and the funds that you will save each year that you do not have perform deck maintenance, the return on your investment may just surprise you. Continue reading

Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design Offers the Best in Mohawk Carpet for Canton & Akron

If you’re in the market for carpet in the Canton or Akron, Ohio area, you need to head to Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design. Conveniently located on Arlington Road, it’s not a long drive from Canton, and it’s well worth your time to explore the vast array of carpet options, particularly their Mohawk SmartStrand carpeting. Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design will work with you to ensure your satisfaction from choosing your carpet style and color to installation.

Whether you need to carpet a small room or your entire home or office, no job is too large or too small for the experts at Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design. Don’t be too surprised when, during your visit to Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design in Akron, Ohio, you find yourself in the Mohawk section of the carpet department. Mohawk SmartStrand is one of the top selling carpets at Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design, and with good reason. Continue reading

Twenty-five Years of WhirlyBall and Laser Sport

WhirlyBall / Laser-Sport is celebrating their 25 year anniversary. You should celebrate their anniversary with a great game of Whirly Ball or Laser Tag. Whirly Ball is an awesome team-building adventure that incorporates bumper cars, rugby and basketball into one awesomely fun game. Laser Tag offers even more opportunity for corporate team building in an incredibly fun environment.

When you do something for 25 years, you get really good at it. WhirlyBall / Laser Sport are the experts at corporate team building activities, church group activities, and everything that is family fun in the Cleveland area. What could be more fun than a game of tag? Continue reading

Ohio Pools & Spas’ Sales & Service Excellence Recognized with Awards and Honors

Ohio Pools & Spas in Northeast Ohio has spent the past 55 years making a splash, not just in Northeast Ohio, but throughout the county. The company has received top honors and awards from nationally known manufacturers, publications, and more. Ohio Pools & Spas is the largest and most award-winning spa dealer in Northeast Ohio.

Ohio Pools & Spas currently has three Northeast Ohio locations—Canton, Mayfield Heights, and North Olmstead—but they did not even need all three locations for their incredible sales and service to be recognized. In March 2010, before the opening of their North Olmstead store, Ohio Pools & Spas was honored with the prestigious 2009 Dealer of the Year Award from Watkins Manufacturing Corp. Watkins Manufacturing Corp. makes Hot Springs Spas which are the world’s number one selling brand of hot tubs. Continue reading

SIGNARAMA Vehicle Wraps Boost Your Green, Ohio or Summit County Business

SIGNARAMA is “where the world goes for signs,” but if you’re in the Green, Ohio or Summit County area, it’s where you go for vehicle wraps. If you’re not sure that a vehicle wrap is the right thing for your Summit County area business, consider this: With a wrap for your car, truck, or van, approximately 3,000 people will see your business every hour! SIGNARAMA is your destination for cost effective advertising with a vehicle wrap.

One of the best things about vehicle wraps is that they are traveling advertisements. They go where you go, whether it’s a busy metropolitan area or a quiet suburban neighborhood. Drivers and pedestrians alike will take notice of your business in the Green, Ohio area when it’s emblazoned on the side of your ride. Even people in their homes and offices who are near a window cannot help but take a second glance. Continue reading

Advanced Storage Systems Is Canton’s Safe Document & Self-Storage Solution

Advanced Storage Systems in Canton, Stark County’s most secure self-storage and document storage facility, does not just protect your property from vandals or thieves. Advanced Storage Systems’ safe, climate controlled, carpeted location also protects your goods from extreme heat and cold, scratches, and more.

The self-storage units at Advanced Storage Systems are not like the storage units you have seen on television, and they’re nothing like the long metal pole buildings you’ve driven by countless times. This class A facility is completely enclosed, and looks more like an office building from the outside than a self-storage and document storage facility. Continue reading

Classic Auto Glass Offers Windshield Stone Chips & Scratches Tips

Did you know that it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in the state of Ohio? Classic Auto Glass in Canton wants to make sure that you don’t find out about this regulation the hard way by ridding you of stone chips and scratches on your windshield!

A stone chip may not seem like a very big deal. It’s just a small spot on a big windshield, right? However, that small flaw can become a much larger problem if it isn’t attended to in a timely manner. It may take months or it could happen relatively quickly, especially if exposed to extreme temperature changes (which is not an unlikely scenario in Ohio), but eventually that stone chip will become a crack. When that happens, you are not only looking at a more expensive repair or windshield replacement: you may also be looking at a fine or other penalty from the state if you get pulled over. Save your time and your money, and have your stone chip repaired before it becomes a bigger problem. Continue reading

E.F. Boyd & Son Is Greater Cleveland’s Premier African-American Funeral Home

E.F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home and Crematory has been serving the Greater Cleveland community for over one hundred years. From humble beginnings and a one man operation, E.F. Boyd & Son has grown to become the premiere African-American funeral home in Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

E.F. Boyd & Son was founded by Elmer Franklin Boyd in 1905. At that time, there were only a limited number of professions for an African-American man to choose from. Mr. Boyd decided to attend Clark’s College of Embalming, which has since become the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.

After graduation, Mr. Boyd opened the E.F. Boyd Funeral Parlor on Cleveland’s Central Avenue. Continue reading

Tips for Seasonal Allergy Sufferers from Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine

How many times have you heard “bless you,” today? If you are like many Canton area seasonal allergy sufferers, you have probably lost count. Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine wants you to know that you do not have to just suffer through your allergy symptoms. Here are some tips and tricks offered by Dr. Given and the staff at Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine that can help to make your indoor, outdoor, and seasonal allergies more manageable.

The first thing you should know is that medication is rarely a solution on its own. Over the counter allergy medications can be extremely effective in treating your symptoms, but as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Dr. Given’s first piece of advice when it comes to dealing with seasonal allergies is avoidance.

Avoidance is a great in theory, but often not realistic in practice. Continue reading

Silca System Innovation Has Raised the Bar and Elevated Decks in Northeast Ohio


Elevated deck in progress with stone pavers using Silca System

Silca System is changing the face of Northeast Ohio decks and the decking industry throughout the country, and they’re doing it one elevated deck at a time. With Silca System, your Northeast Ohio bored board deck is transformed into a work of art.

So, what is Silca System, and how can it do all that? Without getting overly technical, Silca System is a structural grate that fits between the framing members, or floor joists, of your deck. Silca System grates are easy to cut, and can be made to fit any size deck, whether perfectly square or full of angles and curves. The Silca System grate creates structural stability, and allows your deck to hold greater weight than a traditional deck. Continue reading