Take Advantage of the Family Photography Service from Fraley Memory Productions in Akron, Ohio

Fraley Memory Productions_Family3It’s amazing how quickly time flies, especially when you have children. If you’re a parent, chances are it seems like just yesterday that your little one was taking his or her first steps. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to capture all of the important moments in your life. That’s why so many people opt to carve time out of their busy schedules to have a nice family photo taken with their loved ones every few years. For those who reside around the Medina, Ohio and Wadsworth, Ohio areas, Fraley Memory Productions is considered to be the go-to portrait photographer for such images. From holiday pictures to generational portraits, Fraley Memory Productions does it all! By taking advantage of the family photography service offered by this Akron, Ohio-based business, you can fill your home with beautiful pictures of those nearest and dearest to you.

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Find New, Scratched, and Refurbished Appliances for Your Streetsboro Property at Appliance Mart!

When it comes to using your tax refund check, you want to invest in things that benefit you and your family most. Often, tax refund checks are used by property owners to update their residence in some way.  Have you considered upgrading to new appliances? Whether you’re replacing the old appliances in your new residence in Fairlawn, Ohio or you’re looking to upgrade the current appliances you have in your Alliance, Ohio area residence, make Appliance Mart your first stop. At each of their physical locations – including one in Streetsboro, Ohio—you can find a variety of new appliances, dented or scratched appliances, and refurbished appliances to choose from for your property. Although you may consider investing in your appliances from a big box store, the truth is that you could spend hundreds more at these locations whereas you could buy more for less at Appliance Mart! In fact, here’s what some of Appliance Mart’s loyal customers are saying:

“I priced new washers at the big box stores. The price of the one that had the features I wanted was $700.00.  I bought my washer from Appliance Mart, got the features I wanted, and saved $450.00.  Yes! I paid $250.00. “

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For Low Cost Veterinary Care, Bring Your Pets to Uniontown Veterinary Clinic near Green!

Uniontown Veterinary Clinic_Logo 2You love your pet, but it’s not always easy to pay for their expensive medical bills when a serious injury or ailment arises with them. For this reason, many individuals struggle to choose between what their budget will allow and the medical care their pet requires. Luckily, there are now companies that offer pet health insurance for cats and dogs of all ages! With pet insurance, types of emergency veterinary care, diagnostics, and other veterinary services are covered to provide low cost veterinary care when your pet needs it most! Best of all, health insurance for your pet helps pet owners like you in the Tallmadge, Ohio area and beyond provide your cat or dog with the treatments they need without having to worry about exceeding your budget.

As pet insurance continues to grow in popularity, more and more veterinary clinics in the North Canton, Ohio area and across the nation are beginning to accept it at their facility. One facility that is accepting pet insurance is Uniontown Veterinary Clinic near Green, Ohio. Although they work closely with Embrace Pet Insurance, they accept all forms of pet insurance to help individuals from the Fairlawn, Ohio area and beyond obtain more affordable wellness care for their cat or dog. Some of the common veterinary services covered by pet health insurance include:

  • Diagnostic Testing & Imaging
  • Surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Specialist Care
  • Emergency Room Care
  • And More!

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Create a Custom Built Cabin for Your Family with Help from Fairview Log Homes near Carroll County!

fairviewloghomes_logoBy Fiona Vernon

Many individuals love the look of a log cabin, but they don’t want to spend all their time in one. Unfortunately, renting a cabin for weeks on end each year can be time consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cabin of your own in the Mahoning County, Ohio or Carroll County, Ohio area? Regardless of where you would like your seasonal cabin to be built in the Northeast Ohio region, Fairview Log Homes is there to help. With years of experience in the industry, their professional log cabin builders can work with you to create the ideal plan for your custom built cabin. Furthermore, these professionals can create one of these log cabins to be as rustic or modern as you want to ensure you get the perfect vacation home for your Tuscarawas County, Ohio or Columbiana County, Ohio property!

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Discover the Benefits of WBV Machines from Premier Fitness Source of Atlanta, Georgia

Premier Fitness Source_PerimeterDespite being a fairly new addition to the world of workout equipment, WBV (Whole Body Vibration) machines are quickly growing in popularity. Pay a visit to your local health club or fitness center and chances are you’ll see at least one of these whole body vibration trainers set up for client use. And they’ve become a staple of fitness rehabilitation centers as well. Recent studies have shown that there are a number of benefits to vibration exercise equipment, including reduced back pain, improved balance, decreased bone loss, and increased flexibility. That’s why it should come as no surprise to learn that many people are opting to install such machines in their own homes. Fortunately for those residing around the communities of Buckhead-Atlanta, Georgia and Alpharetta, Georgia, Premier Fitness Source carries both PowerPlate and 3G Cardio equipment—two brands considered to be the top choices for WBV products.

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For Professional Business Portraits and More, Contact Lyons Photography’s Studio near Barberton!

lyons photography_logoishBy Fiona Vernon

Many have heard that a photo is worth a thousand words, but not everyone takes into consideration just how important a photo can be—especially when you’re trying to make a good impression! After all, potential employers and customers alike are turning to online media to get a better idea of the individuals they will be working with. For this reason, it’s important to have a business photograph of yourself that reflects your professionalism in your current position or for your digital profile as you search for another one in the Stow, Ohio area and beyond. Unfortunately, many individuals settle for self-taken photographs or photographs of a lower quality for professional use that do not flatter themselves properly. Instead of settling for a low quality photograph of yourself for your resume or business, schedule an appointment with Lyons Photography near the Barberton, Ohio area.

With years of experience in the industry, professional photographers Terri and Andy of Lyons Photography can use the right lighting, software, and other photography techniques needed to provide you with the professional business portraits you need to look and feel successful. Best of all, these quality photographs can be used to show others a more professional side of yourself on your digital profile, online resume, and more! Of course, the photograph you use for the organization or service you are in can be just as important as any business portrait. For this reason, many student ambassadors – including those from the Kent, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio area—choose to invest in professional student ambassador portraits that they can use to make a good impression.

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Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Aurora, Ohio Will Make Sure You Have the Snow Removal Tools You Need This February

sohars_logoThough February may be the last official month of winter, it certainly doesn’t seem that way. Not only is nearly every surface covered in a thick layer of snow, but the temperatures are on the low side as well. Needless to say, this isn’t the time to put your snow removal tools in storage. Instead, what you should be doing is making sure that your machine is in working order. For instance, if your single-stage or dual-stage snow blower hasn’t received a tune-up in some time, you’ll probably want to pay a visit to Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. soon. The technicians at this equipment repair shop near Aurora, Ohio can perform a thorough inspection of your machine to determine whether it will be able to handle the large amount of snow that’s sure to fall before spring arrives. By taking the short trip from your Broadview Heights, Ohio or Hudson, Ohio home to Sohar’s All Season, you can get the equipment service you need to keep your snow blower working and your driveway clear.

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Invest in a Quality Used Vehicle for Your Summit County, Ohio Area Travels at Jay’s Auto Sales!

jaysautosales_logoAre you planning ways to spend your tax refund this year? For many, their tax refund is an opportunity to buy something large that they’ve been in need of for some time but have not been able to afford during the year. One product that is often purchased with a tax refund check is a new mode of transportation. After all, having a reliable vehicle for your Summit County, Ohio or Stark County, Ohio area travels is important. Unfortunately, those with a poor credit score can find themselves unable to obtain a more reliable vehicle for their day-to-day travels than what they can find on a less-than-reputable used car lot or from a private seller. This season, use your tax refund wisely using it as a down payment towards a quality used vehicle from Jay’s Auto Sales.

Since 1986, Jay’s Auto Sales has been helping the credit challenged obtain the vehicle they need for their daily commute through the Cuyahoga County, Ohio area and more through their bad credit auto financing. In fact, everyone is pre-approved for this financing the moment they set foot on their lot– regardless of credit score! Although this local car dealership does offer traditional financing options, they also offer in-house financing to help those with a poor credit score or no credit history at all obtain a dependable vehicle for their Wayne County, Ohio area travels and more. With tax season now in session, you could even use your tax refund as a down payment towards one of the quality vehicles at Jay’s Auto Sales in order to have more affordable car payments in the months ahead.

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Find Commercial Fitness Equipment for Your Chattanooga, Tennessee Facility from Fitness Equipment Sales

Fitness-Equipment-SalesIn order to keep your facility outfitted with the latest in professional-grade exercise machines and accessories, it’s often necessary to buy from multiple companies. Physical therapy equipment from one business, gym flooring from another… Unfortunately, taking this approach makes it extremely difficult to keep everything in order. Plus, shopping at retailers all over the region means it may be difficult to obtain basic services such as delivery, installation, and maintenance. With that being said, it’s in your best interest to locate one company that not only offers a wide assortment of commercial fitness equipment and accessories, but that also serves the greater Chattanooga, Tennessee area. And that’s where Fitness Equipment Sales comes in. Having worked with countless businesses locally and throughout Knoxville, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; and beyond, this reputable company has made it their mission to find innovative solutions that fit each and every client’s specific needs.

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Enroll in Truck Driver Training Courses and More at Great Lakes Truck Driving School in Northeast Ohio!

great lakes truck_semi

By Fiona Vernon

As time goes by, more and more companies across Western Pennsylvania and throughout the United States are looking for individuals with a specific degree to join their work force. Due to the high cost of tuition in many 4-year colleges, obtaining a higher education with a degree to go with it is not always financially feasible. However, obtaining a lucrative career shouldn’t be limited to being a holder of some kind of college level degree. Great Lakes Truck Driving School believes this, and that is why they are proud to offer a variety of truck driver training courses and heavy equipment programs at their facility at a low tuition rate.

Through these courses, this heavy equipment training facility in Northeast Ohio can help individuals obtain the certifications they need to begin a rewarding career in truck driving or heavy equipment operation. Best of all, these courses can be completed in a matter of weeks –not years—so you can move into your new career at a much faster rate. Have you considered a career in the drilling industry? In order to help prepare students for their next career move in the Steubenville, Ohio area and beyond, Great Lakes Truck Driving School offers oil industry safety training in conjunction with their traditional programs. Once this safety course is completed, students who have also completed their primary courses will be able to work on oil and gas fields near Columbus, Ohio and many other locations across United States!

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