Reap the benefits of synthetic grass and a pet fencing system in your backyard

Summer is quickly giving way to fall for those in the Northeast Ohio area, and families from all over are starting to enjoy the cooler evenings outside. After a summer of fun, it’s natural for your yard may be in rougher shape than when the season started, which is why families are getting their yard ready for fall!

Here at Bluegrass Incorporated, we can help you turn your dream yard into reality just in time to enjoy the last great weather of the year! There is an abundance of projects that you can do to get your yard in tip-top shape. Sometimes it’s best to call in the professionals and we are here for you with our full-service landscaping services and installation of stunning water features!

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How can Bluegrass help you survive the winter?

It is getting chilly out, and outdoor enthusiasts in Northeast Ohio may not be looking forward to hibernating inside their homes for the next few months. Well, you don’t need to be sad about winter’s approach when you rely on the experience of Bluegrass Incorporated to install a firepit that can provide you with outdoor warmth on cold nights.

You can also use this time of year to plan ahead and make your spring more pleasant by calling us for a custom landscape design and installation of synthetic turf accompanied by a pond with a water bubbler fountain. Who wouldn’t want to be able to walk out into their yard even when the snow is still melting so that they can enjoy the fresh air on an any day throughout the year? Bluegrass can help make that happen!

Why should you install artificial turf in your yard?

Why shouldn’t you is the better question. We are headed into the wettest time of year. Aren’t you sick of cleaning mud from the dog’s paws every time they come inside? Don’t you want to be able to blow the leaves and acorns that have fallen instead of having to rake them up because they have sunk in so far to the ground? Additionally, think about what you could do with the hours you save when you don’t have to mow it every week.

The benefits that you can gain from artificial turf are numerous. One of the best reasons to have it installed is that you are eliminating a major expense in your budget. You won’t have to water the lawn or maintain it with expensive equipment. Think about not having to replace your lawnmower, blower, or weed wacker every few years. That’s thousands of dollars right there.

Imagine that your water bill doesn’t go up in the summer since you won’t have to run the sprinkler system. Many have reported savings as much as 70 percent on their water bill. Fuel has been on the rise, which you won’t need any longer either. Decreasing fuel usage and resources like water will also reduce your carbon footprint.

We have 25 varieties of artificial turf that boast a drain rate of 30-inches per hour. What this means to you is that when the snow is melting, your yard will no longer be a muddy mess with puddles everywhere. We take the expertise that we have gained over the years and apply it to your lawn not only with synthetic grass installation, but also with custom landscape designing to optimize your yard to your lifestyle.

Do you rarely use the backyard, or are you always outside? Do you have a dog run or a dog that digs? Do you have a playset for the kids under which padded playground turf would give you peace of mind? You might benefit from installation only in the areas that are affected. There are so many ways we can help make your life easier!

How can Bluegrass make winters more pleasant?

You may be one of the many people arguing that autumn is their favorite season. The only downfall is that it’s followed by a harsh winter with extreme cold, ice, and snow. Instead of dreading it, we can help you enjoy it! When you have a firepit in the backyard, you can relax by a fire any night of the year, surrounding yourself with a bubble of heat that can curtail the cabin fever that inevitably sets in.

We can make your yard beautiful even on the darkest of winter nights. Consider that heavy snow that blankets everything. Looking through the window is glorious as the lights shimmer on a freshly fallen blanket of snow. The landscape lighting we install can elevate the beauty of your backyard and delight the senses, making winter much more bearable.

Why not give us a call so that we can give you reasons to look forward to winter instead of dreading it? Here at Bluegrass Incorporated, we will sit with you, listen to your concerns, and together come up with a plan that will match your expectations.
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Let Bluegrass help you transition from a backyard for entertaining to one that survives winter!

There is one last hurrah for the year, with Labor Day right around the corner. This holiday not only signifies the unofficial end of summer but also triggers a mental switch for homeowners to prepare their homes for the harsh winters of Northeast Ohio.

You trusted us at Bluegrass Incorporated to get you ready for summer entertaining with a water bubbler fountain, a firepit, and landscape lighting when it was time to gather with friends and family, so why not trust us for winter survival. We help ready your yard for protection from snow, ice, and frigid temperatures with artificial grass that needs little to no maintenance.

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Bluegrass Improves Outdoor Living Spaces in Akron, Ohio, With Custom Landscape Design & LED Lighting

By Fiona Vernon

The time of year has arrived where people walk outside to enjoy their morning coffee and hear the sounds of lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. Their neighbors are busy cleaning up their yards so that they can sit back and enjoy the summer. People from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who want to improve their outdoor living space with custom landscape design, hardscaping, and backyard water features can rely on the decades of experience at Bluegrass. This full-service landscaping company caters to those who wish to create a backyard hangout space, whether they want someone to build an outdoor kitchen or a firepit. They can sit outside on a peaceful evening, watching the full moon float by bathed in the soothing ambiance of LED landscape lighting. Pet lovers prefer to have their dogs by their sides and can count on Bluegrass to install pet fencing as well. Everyone from Wooster, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, can call 330.492.8733 today to get on the schedule for anything from artificial grass and lawn irrigation installation to landscaping for new construction.

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Bath, Ohio, Trusts Lindsey Construction & Design for Home Improvement Financing on Window Installation

By Fiona Vernon

Temperatures are gradually coaxing individuals outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. It is also motivating people to get off the couch. Everyone from Ellet, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, who is sick of everything about their home can trust the experts at Lindsey Construction and Design to provide them with home improvement financing on everything from home insulation and energy efficient window installation to kitchen remodels and building a home office. Need a 24-hour emergency contractor for repair because you have storm damage causing a flood or other significant issues? They offer professional restoration services that handle insurance claims to ease your financial and emotional stress. Lindsey is also a reputable roofing contractor that can help homeowners from Dover, Ohio, to Ashtabula, Ohio, get their homes ready for summer and lower utility bills with exterior home improvements. Call 330.785.9931 to get on the schedule!

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Bluegrass Improves Outdoor Living Space by Providing Spring Yard Clean-Up in Massillon, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Weekends are for pouring a cup of team, walking into the backyard on a sunny weekend morning, feeling plush grass when strolling through the yard, and hearing the sound of water gurgling while the fur baby frolics nearby. While many homeowners from North Canton, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, think that this is unattainable, they will learn with one phone call that Bluegrass Design/Build can improve their outdoor living space. This full-service landscaping company provides the whole package, from custom hardscaping and lawn irrigation installation to backyard water features. They not only allow their clients the wonder of their very own water bubbler fountain surrounded by LED landscape lighting, but they also install pet fencing so that their precious babies can safely run free. Those finding it hard to get started can even call for spring yard clean-up before thinking about their custom landscape design. Everyone from Alliance, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, who needs artificial grass installation or landscape for new construction will feel like they made new friends when they call Bluegrass at 330.492.8733.

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Lindsey Construction and Design Excels at Kitchen & Bathroom Design & Renovation for Cleveland, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

With the wonderful memories of summer in the rearview mirror, many residents from Akron, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, are checking projects off their lists as they prepare their homes and businesses for fall and winter. Whether a homeowner needs free roofing and siding estimates or an entrepreneur is starting her own business and needs a fully licensed general contractor she can trust now and in the future, Lindsey Construction and Design understands that of all investments made, properties are the most valued assets. This 24-hour emergency contractor excels at residential and commercial construction — including kitchen and bathroom design and renovation, any sized room addition, energy efficient window installation, home insulation, and so much more. Not only do they help people with roofing and siding insurance claims after calling about storm damage repair, but they also care about the safety of their clients and provide lead paint removal when it is necessary. Everyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, can rely on Lindsey Construction and Design (330.785.993) for all their home remodeling needs.

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Lindsey Construction & Design in Akron, Ohio, Offers Free Roofing, Window & Siding Inspections & Estimates

By Fiona Vernon

People stay in the same home for many years because it creates a sense of comfort and allows them to feel safe in their own space. Designing the atmosphere to match one’s personality should be fun, and Lindsey Construction and Design (330.785.9931) can help home and business owners from Akron, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, design and build their dream home right where they already live. Whether an individual is looking for residential or commercial renovations, insurance restoration claims on storm damage repair of roofing or siding, bathroom or kitchen design and renovation, home insulation, lead abatement and paint removal, or the home addition of which they have always longed, this local general contractor offers 41 years’ experience for any sized project. This 24-hour emergency contractor also offers free roofing, siding, and energy efficient window inspections and estimates for those wanting to lower their utility bills and aesthetically update their home. Commercial building owners can also rely on them for infrared roof scans and inspections for flat and low-slope roofs. Everyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, will love the passion that Lindsey Construction and Design brings to every customer.

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Want to Add a Stone Fireplace or Feature Wall to Your Wadsworth, Ohio Home? Call Rocman Masonry & General Construction LLC

Rocman Masonry_LogoThere are countless ways to improve the look and feel of your home. Ultimately, it all comes down to what fits your budget and needs. If you’re looking to add more warmth and comfort to your living room, a stone fireplace is an excellent choice. Or, if you’d simply like to make your home appear more luxurious, a stone feature wall can be very aesthetically pleasing. All you need to do is contact a residential masonry company like Rocman Masonry & General Construction LLC. This locally owned business near Wooster, Ohio can provide the high-quality masonry service you need to transform any room of your house into a beautiful space you’ll be proud to show off to guests. If you like the idea of wall or fireplace installation in your Wadsworth, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio residence, the team from Rocman Masonry & General Construction LLC would be happy to assist you.

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