Lindsey Construction and Design Excels at Kitchen & Bathroom Design & Renovation for Cleveland, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

With the wonderful memories of summer in the rearview mirror, many residents from Akron, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, are checking projects off their lists as they prepare their homes and businesses for fall and winter. Whether a homeowner needs free roofing and siding estimates or an entrepreneur is starting her own business and needs a fully licensed general contractor she can trust now and in the future, Lindsey Construction and Design understands that of all investments made, properties are the most valued assets. This 24-hour emergency contractor excels at residential and commercial construction — including kitchen and bathroom design and renovation, any sized room addition, energy efficient window installation, home insulation, and so much more. Not only do they help people with roofing and siding insurance claims after calling about storm damage repair, but they also care about the safety of their clients and provide lead paint removal when it is necessary. Everyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, can rely on Lindsey Construction and Design (330.785.993) for all their home remodeling needs.

Storms are common year-round from Cleveland to Fairlawn, bringing with them ice storms, strong winds, hail, the need to deal with insurance companies, and repairs that are best done by a fully licensed general contractor. Property destruction can be devastating, and the reparation can be complex; however, homeowners trust Lindsey Construction and Design when they require storm damage repair whether it’s from a tornado, golf ball-sized hail, or a lightning strike. They will even relay the information to the insurance company after providing free estimates to save already overwhelmed clients from having to file their own roofing and siding insurance claims. There is no job too small or too big for this 24-hour emergency contractor, so even if a tree falls through a roof, their skills at residential and commercial construction can restore one’s home back to its former glory.

Perhaps it isn’t an emergency, but a business or homeowner is debating whether they should update their home or take advantage of the current real estate market. With the idea of packing, moving, and unpacking 25 years’ worth of belongings causing great anxiety, calling Lindsey Construction and Design to make their dream home come to life in their existing location is the perfect option. Whether someone in Independence wants to simply lower their utility bills with home insulation or energy efficient window installation or another in Akron wants a home addition or kitchen and bathroom design and renovations, this fully licensed general contractor focuses on the satisfaction of each customer. Not only do these experts provide superior skill at home remodeling with lead paint removal, but they can help anyone prepare a home for fall.

Knowing who to trust when it comes to home remodeling can be one of the biggest decisions a home or business owner makes regarding their finances and property. Individuals from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, have learned by experience to trust Lindsey Construction and Design for everything from storm damage repair with roofing and siding insurance claim processing to room additions, kitchen and bathroom design and renovations, and insulation installation. This fully licensed general contractor can help prepare any home for fall by lowering utility bills with energy efficient window installation, as well as keep families safe with lead paint removal. Anyone from Independence, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, who needs the impressive skills of a 24-hour emergency contractor for free roofing or siding estimates will also love the remarkable customer service on their residential and commercial renovations.

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