Lindsey Construction & Design in Akron, Ohio, Offers Free Roofing, Window & Siding Inspections & Estimates

By Fiona Vernon

People stay in the same home for many years because it creates a sense of comfort and allows them to feel safe in their own space. Designing the atmosphere to match one’s personality should be fun, and Lindsey Construction and Design (330.785.9931) can help home and business owners from Akron, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, design and build their dream home right where they already live. Whether an individual is looking for residential or commercial renovations, insurance restoration claims on storm damage repair of roofing or siding, bathroom or kitchen design and renovation, home insulation, lead abatement and paint removal, or the home addition of which they have always longed, this local general contractor offers 41 years’ experience for any sized project. This 24-hour emergency contractor also offers free roofing, siding, and energy efficient window inspections and estimates for those wanting to lower their utility bills and aesthetically update their home. Commercial building owners can also rely on them for infrared roof scans and inspections for flat and low-slope roofs. Everyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Independence, Ohio, will love the passion that Lindsey Construction and Design brings to every customer.

Fall is the perfect time of year to call Lindsey Construction and Design to help prepare a home to avoid the anticipated high energy bills with free roofing, energy efficient window, and siding inspections and estimates. Whether a homeowner in Cleveland needs storm damage repair or an entrepreneur operates a warehouse in Fairlawn that requires an inspection on either a low-slope or flat roof, this local general contractor offers infrared roof scans and handles the roofing and siding insurance claims. From Independence to Akron, wind and hail may cause serious damage to the exterior of buildings, and this 24-hour emergency contractor understands the finances and time invested into one’s home. They can find the damage and repair it quickly and efficiently the first time, all while handling the insurance restoration claims.

Lindsey Construction and Design can not only help reduce heating invoices in the winter, but they also help lower all utility bills with every service that they offer, including the installation of home insulation. During the lull in temperatures of fall, there is a period when the AC is off and the heat has not been turned on yet. The windows and doors can be left open during commercial and residential bathroom or kitchen design and renovation and any other home addition that would reflect an individual’s current lifestyle. People begin and end their days in kitchens and bathrooms and this local general contractor wants to give each client peace of mind, offering lead abatement and safe paint removal during the renovation process. Homes built prior to 1978 were, unfortunately, coated with lead-based paint, and Lindsey Construction and Design can be trusted to keep clients and their families free from harm if any contaminants are discovered.

A homeowner in Fairlawn, Ohio, may be looking for a 24-hour emergency contractor if they need storm damage repair and a company that will handle the insurance restoration claims or a business owner in Akron, Ohio, may need inspections and estimates on their flat or low-slope roof. Not only does Lindsey Construction and Design offer free roofing, energy efficient window, and siding inspections while handling the insurance claims, but they can also manage all commercial and residential renovations — from home additions and insulation installation to bathroom and kitchen design and renovation. Anyone from Independence, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, will be completely satisfied when they call this local general contractor to help lower their utility bills or take advantage of their specialty services that include lead abatement and removal and infrared roof scans. Call today to get on the schedule this fall!

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