Become a Certified Barber & Discover an Array of Self-Employment Options at Akron Barber College Near Hudson, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

The barber profession is as old as this country itself, steeped in tradition. Not much has changed in barbering with today’s barbers using the same equipment and retaining the same nostalgic atmosphere of barber shops long ago where people love to meet up and socialize. Barbers need to ensure that their customers are happy with their services, and enrolling in Akron Barber College is the first step anyone from Akron, Ohio, to Hudson, Ohio, toward learning traditional barber services and modern haircutting techniques. Barber training has traditionally included learning men’s haircutting, shaving, and eyebrow trimming; however, modern times have gravitated toward the need to provide supplementary services that will make individuals more marketable — including how to relax, perm, color, and style any texture and thickness of hair. This local trade school is comprehensive in its curriculum so that its graduates have better self-employment options after they receive their barber license. This local barber college also offers a place where students can cater to real clients, providing discounted pricing to those who wish to take advantage of services in the student barbershop. Anyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, who is interested in becoming a certified barber can visit or call Akron Barber College to start their journey!

Some of today’s best barber shops around the country offer services that go beyond a simple men’s haircut, shave, or eyebrow trim. They offer facials, scalp massages, beverages, and even friendships with other loyal customers who visit often. It isn’t uncommon for the décor to match the barber shops of old with red leather chairs, black wood paneling, and chrome. Anyone from Hudson to Fairlawn who attends Akron Barber College will learn how to become a certified barber from the family that has owned this local trade school since 1950. They are knowledgeable in extensive self-employment options as they educate each student in traditional barber services, as well as modern haircutting techniques. It isn’t enough anymore to simply know how to cut short hair and shave a beard, today’s clients require more defined ideas, from the return of the old-fashioned pompadour to the textured, slicked back undercut. Modern men are more interested in funky, cool hairstyles.

Barbers must not only execute a precise haircut, but they are also responsible for facial hair maintenance and a variety of grooming techniques — including shampooing, scalp massages, the application of lotions, hair tonics, powders, and aftershave. Students from Bath to Akron will also learn how to color, relax, style, and perm hair at Akron Barber College so they are extraordinarily marketable and can get a job anywhere they desire after they graduate and pass their barber licensing exam. Part of the barber training at this local barber college involves hands-on experience so that the process becomes second nature to each person. Clients can schedule appointments at their student barbershop at a discounted rate for services that include shaves for $2, design cuts for $12, head shaves for $10, colors and perms starting at $30, and so much more. Call Akron Barber College today (330.644.9114) to get on the calendar!

Akron Barber College has been the premier local trade school for those from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who wish to become a certified barber and learn everything from traditional barber services to modern haircutting techniques. The self-employment options that they open to each student is extensive with their intense barber training. This local barber college has not only been teaching its pupils how to excel at men’s haircutting, shaves, and eyebrow trimming, but they also extend each student’s knowledge by instructing them how to perm, color, style, and relax men’s and women’s hair for over 65 years. Whether someone in Hudson, Ohio, wants to get on the schedule at the student barbershop or another in Bath, Ohio, is looking to pursue their barber license, Akron Barber College is one phone call away.

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