Brightside Metal Roofing Helps Bath, Ohio, When They Need to Know Which Roofing Material to Choose, From Zinc to Steel

By Fiona Vernon

A combination of decisions keeps a household running smoothly, from when to mop the floors to what to make for dinner. When it comes to maintenance, larger and more costly decisions are made only rarely, such as if it’s necessary to replace the carpet or deliberating the pros and cons of installing metal roofing. Home and business owners from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, can rely on the experts at Brightside Metal Roofing to help them decide which roofing material to choose — from steel and aluminum to copper and zinc. This local metal roof manufacturer and supplier caters to contractors and do-it-yourselfers who need a comprehensive inventory of metal roofing supplies, from siding and walls to roofing panels and trim. Their metal roofing accessories complete each project’s needs, such as color matched roofing fasteners and caulk. Individuals from Independence, Ohio, to Louisville, Ohio, can call or visit Brightside Metal Roofing (330.805.4505) today for anything associated with their commercial and residential metal roofs.

Once any property owner from Bath to Independence understands the benefits of metal roofing, installing it isn’t even a debate. Besides the fact that they last 30 to 50 years longer than other roofing materials, they offer energy efficiency and a lower environmental impact. Which roofing material to choose is the real debate, and leading metal roofing manufacturer and supplier Brightside Metal Roofing offers experienced advice on the pros and cons of metal roofing, while manufacturing quality into every component. Steel roofing material is one of the most common options with its varying color choices, low weight, high strength, and long-term durability. It can generally be purchased at a lower cost than the other materials, and the only negative is that it can corrode from salt spray if installed near an ocean. Aluminum roofing material offers more resistance than steel, replicating the strength of thicker materials, but is still lightweight and resists corrosion; however, it dents more easily.

Copper roofing material has been known to last up to 100 years and is very soft, making it a quieter option during a heavy downpour. It offers durability at a higher cost and may acquire a green hue over time, which some believe adds an aesthetic element, but not everyone things this way. The last commercial and residential metal roof option is made of zinc, which boasts its own outer layer that protects it from corrosion, scratching, and panel markings. It heals itself over time, lasting upwards of 60 to 100 years. Brightside Metal Roofing offers a variety of 16 colors to metal roofing contractors from Louisville to New Philadelphia in addition to an impressive selection of metal roofing supplies and accessories that includes roof trim, panels, siding, walls, color matched roof fasteners, and roofing caulk.

When any metal roofing contractor or laymen from Independence, Ohio, to New Philadelphia, Ohio, wants only the best, they know to call the only direct manufacturer in the area, Brightside Metal Roofing. They help people add to their image and protect their investment with their wide selection of steel, copper, zinc, and aluminum roofing materials. This local metal roof manufacturer and supplier offers only the highest quality of metal roofing supplies with their wide selection of siding, walls, and trim, as well as accessories, like roofing caulk. This local metal roof manufacturer and supplier not only constructs the best products, but they also offer 16 colors of metal roofing panels with color matched roof fasteners to complete the aesthetic. Whether an individual in Louisville, Ohio, is researching the pros and cons of metal roofing or another in Bath, Ohio, wants to know which roofing material is best to choose for their situation, Brightside Metal Roofing has everything necessary to successfully complete any commercial or residential metal roofing project.
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