Find Sugar Skull Tapestries & Pumpkin Decorations for Fall at Linda Henretta Designs in Hartville, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

School is back in session and the ambient temperatures have begun to indicate that fall is just over the horizon. That means that individuals from Sharon, Pennsylvania, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, have started the mental process of taking inventory of their fall home décor. If people haven’t already started their holiday shopping, fall kicks that thought process into high gear as well, and shoppers will make lists to decide what gifts they will be buying for the people in their lives who seem to have everything. Streamlining the shopping experience can be done with one visit to Linda Henretta Designs, since she has gifts for any occasion, like AA recovery items, as well as affordable interior and exterior décor. This local gift shop in the Hartville Marketplace Shops not only makes shopping easy with seasonal yard art, metal animal sculptures, metal artwork, and pumpkin decorations, but they also stock a plethora of affordable items to treat oneself — including tie-dye clothes, India dresses, Hip Klips and accessories, and sugar skull tapestries for the upcoming spooky holiday. Whether someone from Sebring, Ohio, needs to restock their interior hanging wall décor and outdoor fall décor or another loves fall craft shows, visiting Linda Henretta Designs (330.352.3470) in Hartville, Ohio, is fun for everyone!

The sugar skull, or calavera, has gained popularity in America over the past few years; however, its origin comes out of Mexico. It is an edible or decorative representation of a human skull, made from either sugar or clay, used in the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico and the Roman Catholic holiday All Souls’ Day. Linda Henretta Designs stocks a variety of colors and designs of sugar skull tapestries that create a beautiful aesthetic in any room as the Day of the Dead and Halloween approach at the end of October. Individuals from Portage Lakes to Sharon who love indoor and outdoor fall home décor will be impressed by the array of affordable interior and exterior décor that this local gift shop displays, from silver or orange metal artwork pumpkin decorations to celestial interior or exterior hanging wall décor.

Fall makes many people in Sebring and beyond feel cozy and comfortable, and they look forward to perusing homemade wares of creative artists at fall craft shows. They can find Linda Henretta Designs offering her inspired, gorgeous seasonal yard art and metal artwork at a variety of venues in addition to her permanent location at the Hartville Marketplace Shops. Her metal animal sculptures satisfy a farmhouse feel with larger than life metal roosters and so much more. Not only can home and business owners rely on this local gift shop to create an atmosphere suitable for every holiday, but they also stock gifts for any occasion and for people who seem to have everything. They have affordable India dresses and blouses in a variety of colors and lengths and tie-dye clothes, as well as Hip Klips and accessories that makes organization easy and AA recovery items to help loved ones struggling with addiction when they need to celebrate their milestones. Call or visit Linda Henretta Designs today!

Decorating for autumn is fun, and there is no better place to find the perfect indoor and outdoor fall home décor, like pumpkin decorations, than Linda Henretta Designs in the Hartville Marketplace Shops and local fall craft shows. Individuals from Sebring, Ohio, to Sharon, Pennsylvania, will not have to spend their entire day driving from shop to shop when they are looking for affordable interior and exterior home décor or gifts for people who have everything, because this local gift shop stocks an impressive inventory of seasonal yard art and gifts for any occasion that helps shoppers check each person of their shopping list. Need something comfortable and affordable to wear? They have a wide selection of India dresses and shirts, as well as tie-dye clothes and Hip Klips, which are a functional fashion accessory. Don’t pass up their AA recovery items to support that struggling loved one or add to one’s farmhouse décor with metal artwork and animal sculptures. Anyone from Hartville, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, looking for interior hanging wall décor, like sugar skull tapestries, will find their decorative needs satisfied when they visit Linda Henretta Designs.

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