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By Fiona Vernon

Being a homeowner is one of the most satisfying experiences that adults will go through in their lives. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they can pull into the driveway of a building in which they have created a sense of safety and comfort. Designing the interior of a home can be fun and exciting, but many people do not look at the exterior very often with the idea of giving it an overhaul. When it comes time to make sure the components of a home that provide protection are up to par, Brightside Metal Roofing (330.805.4505) works with commercial and residential clients from North Canton, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, to ensure that they have one company to rely on for all their metal roofing supplies. This local metal roofing manufacturer stocks everything necessary for a successful project — from metal roof panels, siding, trim, and walls to accessories that include pipe boots, butyl tape, and furring strips. Whether a metal roofing contractor in Akron, Ohio, is looking for Valspar Steel or Weather XL coated Steel roofing or a homeowner in Alliance, Ohio, prefers the cost-effective Ag Panel, local metal roof supplier Brightside Metal Roofing offers the benefits of the standard 29-gauge metal roofing, as well as many other products. Stop in or call today!

With the plethora of purchasing options that are available nationwide, metal roofing contractors can become overwhelmed contemplating where would be the best place to purchase the products they require for a home project; however, Brightside Metal Roofing is the only direct manufacturer in the Akron market. Individuals in Cleveland and beyond can skip the middleman and buy directly from the experts who are manufacturing the materials — including metal siding, walls, roof panels, trim, and accessories, like pipe boots, butyl tape, and furring strips. Anyone can take advantage of procuring quality metal roofing supplies, cut right the first time and ready to be picked up or delivered within a 24-hour timeframe when they trust local metal roof manufacturer Brightside Metal Roofing.

When people think of replacing a roof, they don’t always examine the benefits of using commercial and residential metal roofing. Ribbed panel roofing is a fantastic choice for both applications. It satisfies the needs of anyone from Alliance to North Canton looking for 29-gauge steel panels that offer exceptional strength and low maintenance upkeep. The gauge refers to the metal’s thickness and the higher the gauge, the thinner the metal. 29 is the industry standard at approximately 0.36 millimeters thick; whereas, 26-gauge is marginally thicker at 0.48 millimeters. Clients also love the fact that ag panels, Valspar steel roofing, and weather XL coated steel roofing are available in 16 colors and are easy to install, saving costs as it reduces the time necessary to spend on that particular project. Metal roofs can even increase a home’s resale value by one to six percent when compared to asphalt shingles. Everyone can rely on local metal roof supplier Brightside Metal Roofing to keep their families and clients safe.

A multitude of decisions are made daily regarding the operation of a home and business, and anyone from Akron, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, can rely on the expertise of Brightside Metal Roofing when it comes time to consider the benefits of installing metal roofing. This local metal roof manufacturer boasts an impressive inventory of metal roofing supplies — including Ag metal roof panels and Valspar and Weather XL Coated Steel roofing. Not only does this local metal roof supplier feature standard 29-gauge metal roofing and custom thicknesses, but they also provide all the accessories necessary for a successful project, such as pipe boots, butyl tape, and furring strips. Metal roofing contractors from Alliance, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, looking for commercial and residential metal siding, walls, roof panels, and trim won’t ever look for another supplier after visiting or calling Brightside Metal Roofing!

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