Homeowners Can Call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio For Grass Under Their Dog Run for a Pet-Friendly Yard

By Fiona Vernon

Getting snuggles from and being greeted at the door enthusiastically by a pet is one of the greatest joys in life; however, caring for one’s fur babies is sometimes slightly stressful.  Little changes can be made to avoid more maintenance than necessary with the snow beginning to thaw and mud issues that the April showers of spring bring with them. Homeowners are usually looking for ways to prevent their beloved animals from bringing all that dirt into the house, and even though every pet owner from Massillon, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, has different needs pertaining to their lifestyle and where they live, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio focuses on finding the right mix of artificial turf for pets specific to each client. Perhaps someone in Akron, Ohio, simply needs grass under their dog run in a large yard or would be interested in urine-resistant grass for an utterly pet-friendly yard. Either person can call this synthetic grass company for grass for their pet’s favorite area. People who have called SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can attest to the fact that they have less maintenance and more cleanliness with their artificial pet turf products.

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Businesses in Westlake, Ohio and beyond Can Install Pet-Friendly Flooring Surfaces with Help from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

For boarding facilities, veterinary clinics, and groomers, it’s important to have a pet-friendly flooring surface in place. Not only does it minimize damage caused by accidents, but it helps to lessen the anxiety animals often display when they’re away from home. Unfortunately, most urine/scratch-resistant flooring products on the market leave a lot to be desired. Though tile and concrete allow for easy cleanup, these surfaces are slippery and can be hard on little paws. Plus, they’re unsuitable for use in outdoor applications. One alternative that many businesses have started looking into is pet turf. Since artificial grass can be installed virtually anywhere, such products can be used in training spaces, kennel enclosures, examination rooms, and more. As the region’s leading distributor of synthetic grass products, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is frequently called upon by establishments in Westlake, Ohio; Avon Lake, Ohio; and the greater Cleveland, Ohio area that want to provide their four-legged visitors with a safer, more comfortable flooring surface. Continue reading

Belpar Pet Care Centre Offers Tick Treatments for Pets at Their Location near East Canton

Belpar Pet Care CentreBy Fiona Vernon

During the warm months, cats and dogs alike enjoy being outside where they can spend time with their owners or explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, ticks and other pests tend to be lurking in tall grasses and other areas outside where they can be picked up by pets and humans alike. For this reason, it is important for pets to be on a form of tick control to help repel these pests when they come in contact with them. After all, ticks are known to carry harmful diseases that can affect pets and humans alike, making proper prevention important to overall pet wellness. Of these diseases, Lyme disease is one of the most frequently noted diseases that can be carried by ticks.

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Uniontown Veterinary Clinic near Green Offers Tick Control Products and Tips to Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs

Uniontown Veterinary Clinic_Logo 2By Fiona Vernon

Over the past few years, black-legged ticks known to carry Lyme disease have increased in population throughout Ohio. As their population has increased, so has the number of Lyme disease cases involving dogs. Although humans, dogs, and other animals can become infected with Lyme disease from the bites of infected ticks, it can’t be transmitted from pet to owner. However, pet owners from Tallmadge, North Canton, Fairlawn, and beyond should still take precautions throughout the year to dissuade these pests from taking a bite out of their pet or any other members of the household. One way in which pet owners can do this is by putting their dog on a form of tick prevention.

Unfortunately, knowing which of the many tick control products on the market designed to assist with overall tick prevention is right for a specific pet isn’t always easy. For this reason, Uniontown Veterinary Clinic encourages pet owners to schedule an appointment for their dog at their local veterinary facility near Green, Ohio. Here, one of their knowledgeable veterinarians can examine the dog and provide their owners with appropriate tick prevention options for them. Many tick control products are available for purchase at Uniontown Veterinary Clinic, making it easier for pet owners to obtain what is needed to help keep their dog tick free and Lyme disease free this year.

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Discover the Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio on Your Hudson, Ohio Property

SYNLawn_LogoNow that the holiday season is upon us, it won’t be long until snow is covering every inch of your property. While some homeowners are a little disappointed that they’re unable to continue working on their outdoor landscaping projects, others appreciate the downtime. After all, it allows you to come up with new and fresh ideas for next spring. For instance, you could take this opportunity to research synthetic grass products in order to determine which one would best fit your needs. As the leading provider of artificial turf in the greater Hudson, Ohio area, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio has an extensive selection of imitation lawn products available. Whether you’ve been thinking about investing in a safer playground surface for your children, installing a golf green for your own personal use, or creating a more pet-friendly yard for your four-legged friend, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can help. Since you probably won’t be spending too much time outside of your Wadsworth, Ohio or Fairlawn, Ohio home this season, you might as well talk to the professionals at SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio and get a jump on your next big landscaping project!

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Obtain Winter Flea Treatments and More from Uniontown Veterinary Clinic near Green this Season!

Uniontown Veterinary Clinic_LogoDuring the warm months, we do our best as pet parents to keep our dogs and cats protected against the fleas, ticks, and other pests that may want to cause them harm. Unfortunately, many individuals end these tick and flea treatments during the winter months because they feel their pet is temporarily protected against these pests. In reality, fleas and ticks can thrive throughout the year and become a nuisance to your beloved pet inside and outside of your Canal Fulton, Ohio or Canton, Ohio home. For this reason and many others, it’s important to have your pet on a preventative treatment against fleas and ticks throughout the year.

Do you know which of the winter flea treatments or tick treatments available on the market are right for your pet in the Fairlawn, Ohio area? Before investing in one of these treatments for your cat or dog, schedule an appointment with Uniontown Veterinary Clinic near Green, Ohio. With the help of their knowledgeable veterinary staff, you can learn more about the preventative treatments for cats and dogs that are available and determine which is right for your pet based on age and weight! While there, speak to your veterinarian about getting your canine companion started on a preventative heartworm treatment.

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Find the Right Flea Treatments for Your Pets with Help From Belpar Pet Care Centre near Akron

Belpar Pet Care Centre_logoDuring the summer months, we often have our pets on preventative treatments against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other pests that may be lurking in our Bolivar, Ohio or Tallmadge, Ohio yard. However, many pet parents stop using these products during the winter months because they feel the threat has passed. Unfortunately, fleas and ticks love to spend as much time inside your home as your pets do during the winter months. With this in mind, make sure you invest in winter tick control and flea control treatments for your pet during the cold months. Do you know which preventative treatments for dogs and cats are right for your pet? With so many tick and flea treatments available on the market, knowing which one is right for your cat or dog isn’t always easy. Luckily, the professional veterinary staff of Belpar Pet Care Centre is happy to sit down and discuss potential treatment options for your pet with you.

After all, you want to be able to protect your pet from these pests all year long. Without a proper form of treatment, your pet is susceptible to Lyme disease, heartworms, and other conditions that can be transmitted by fleas and ticks! Knowing this, speak to one of the professional veterinarians of Belpar Pet Care Centre about the preventative treatments for dogs and cats they have available for your pet. By finding the right treatment for your pet, you can help keep them protected inside and outside of your Fairlawn, Ohio or Akron, Ohio residence this winter!

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Protect Your Pet in Your Akron, Ohio Yard with Artificial Pet Grass and More from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

SYNLawn_LogoIf you’re a dog owner, chances are you do your best to give your four-legged family members the freedom they need. On the other hand, it’s also important to ensure their safety as they play in your Akron, Ohio area yard. When you let your dogs outside for fresh air and exercise, the last thing you want is for them to come into contact with ticks, fleas, or harmful pesticides. That’s why pet owners from Canton, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio have started replacing their lawns with faux grass from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Artificial pet grass is an excellent choice for dog owners as it eliminates all of the potentially harmful chemicals and insects that are found in traditional yards. Best of all, synthetic pet yards from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio closely resemble natural grass, so you don’t have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetics in order to keep your dogs clean, healthy, and safe.

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Learn More about Summer Pet Safety with Help from Belpar Pet Care Centre near East Canton!

Belpar Pet Care Centre_logoAs a pet parent, you want to provide your cat or dog with the best care possible inside and outside of your Mount Eaton, Ohio residence. Luckily, Belpar Pet Care Centre near East Canton, Ohio is dedicated to helping pet parents like you learn more about summer pet safety to better ensure your pets are properly cared for during the hot weather. Do you know how to ensure indoor pet safety and outdoor pet safety throughout your summer celebrations? Do you know the procedures for travelling with pets away from your Minerva, Ohio or Green, Ohio residence during the warm months? To better assist you in making the right choices for your cat or dog this summer, contact Belpar Pet Care Centre. Here, their friendly veterinarian staff is happy to offer a variety of tips for you to follow to keep your pet protected:

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For Horse Racing Tack and More, Contact Race Horse Stuff in Millersburg, Ohio!

Race Horse Stuff_BlanketYour thoroughbred works hard to win races and competitions throughout the year. However, poorly fitted tack, worn equipment, and more can make these races uncomfortable for your horse and for their rider! In order to keep your horse comfortable in their tack –on and off the race track—pay a visit to Race Horse Stuff in Millersburg, Ohio! For more than a decade, this horse tack supplier has been providing their customers with an assortment of great products for their horse to use throughout the year. With race tracks nearby in the Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio areas, Race Horse Stuff proudly offers an extensive selection of horse racing tack to keep your horse properly equipped. Alongside their racing tack, Race Horse Stuff also offers more basic items such as new horse blankets and terry cloth coolers for your horse’s everyday use. Would you like to invest in more leather horse tack items to your Cleveland, Ohio area stable? In order to provide your horse with properly fitted tack, Race Horse Stuff can create a variety of custom leather tack items to fit your specific horse.

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