Protect Your Pet in Your Akron, Ohio Yard with Artificial Pet Grass and More from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

SYNLawn_LogoIf you’re a dog owner, chances are you do your best to give your four-legged family members the freedom they need. On the other hand, it’s also important to ensure their safety as they play in your Akron, Ohio area yard. When you let your dogs outside for fresh air and exercise, the last thing you want is for them to come into contact with ticks, fleas, or harmful pesticides. That’s why pet owners from Canton, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio have started replacing their lawns with faux grass from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Artificial pet grass is an excellent choice for dog owners as it eliminates all of the potentially harmful chemicals and insects that are found in traditional yards. Best of all, synthetic pet yards from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio closely resemble natural grass, so you don’t have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetics in order to keep your dogs clean, healthy, and safe.

Since SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio offers faux grass products in a wide variety of styles, you can install a synthetic pet yard around your Akron area home that complements the rest of your landscaping. Unlike natural grass, there’s no risk of “browning” when you let your pets outside to do their business. Instead, your lawn will stay green and vibrant all year long. Plus, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio offers artificial pet grass embedded with organic zeolite crystals to control odor. As these crystals reduce 80% of the odors caused by the ammonia in animal waste, you’ll no longer be greeted by unpleasant smells when you step outside.

SYNLawn_Pet TrainingThough artificial pet grass can make your yard a cleaner and safer place for your dogs, there’s still the risk of your furry friends running away or stepping into traffic when you let them outside. Since you certainly don’t want any harm to come to your pets, you may also want to consider adding underground pet fencing to your new, synthetic pet yard. Pet Stop of Canton has worked with homeowners all over the greater Cleveland area to create pet containment systems. These invisible fences act as a deterrent, preventing pets from leaving the designated area while giving them plenty of room to run, jump, and play. What’s also nice about underground pet fencing from Pet Stop of Canton is that it has no effect on your lawn’s appearance. This characteristic is especially attractive to those whose HOA or condo association has certain rules about what type of fencing is allowed.

When you enlist the help of SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to install faux grass in your yard for your pets, you can also get a great deal on a complete pet containment system from Pet Stop of Canton. Not only will this package save you money on your artificial pet grass and fence, but it will turn the outside of your home into a pet-friendly place for your dogs that they’re sure to love!

SYNLawn_Dog RunIf you like the idea of installing faux grass in your Akron, Ohio area yard for your dogs, visit the website for SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio at to learn more about synthetic pet yards. If you have any questions about artificial pet grass, just give this locally owned business a call at 330.492.8733. One of their knowledgeable associates would be happy to provide you with additional information about their line of artificial grass, as well as how you can join a number of Canton, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio homeowners who have created pet containment systems with underground pet fencing from Pet Stop of Canton.

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