Uniontown Veterinary Clinic near Green Offers Tick Control Products and Tips to Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs

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Over the past few years, black-legged ticks known to carry Lyme disease have increased in population throughout Ohio. As their population has increased, so has the number of Lyme disease cases involving dogs. Although humans, dogs, and other animals can become infected with Lyme disease from the bites of infected ticks, it can’t be transmitted from pet to owner. However, pet owners from Tallmadge, North Canton, Fairlawn, and beyond should still take precautions throughout the year to dissuade these pests from taking a bite out of their pet or any other members of the household. One way in which pet owners can do this is by putting their dog on a form of tick prevention.

Unfortunately, knowing which of the many tick control products on the market designed to assist with overall tick prevention is right for a specific pet isn’t always easy. For this reason, Uniontown Veterinary Clinic encourages pet owners to schedule an appointment for their dog at their local veterinary facility near Green, Ohio. Here, one of their knowledgeable veterinarians can examine the dog and provide their owners with appropriate tick prevention options for them. Many tick control products are available for purchase at Uniontown Veterinary Clinic, making it easier for pet owners to obtain what is needed to help keep their dog tick free and Lyme disease free this year.

Uniontown_DogAlongside investing in proper tick control products, Uniontown Veterinary Clinic’s friendly staff suggests pet owners implement a series of tick prevention methods into their dog’s daily routine. One easy-to-do prevention method pet owners from Fairlawn, North Canton, and the surrounding areas can implement is a daily check of their dog’s coat and skin for ticks. By doing these daily checks, ticks can be found and often removed by hand before the Lyme disease causing bacteria these pests carry can be transmitted to the dog. Making sure the dog avoids areas that are highly infested with ticks can also help reduce their chances of bringing ticks into the home or transferring the ticks to other pets within the household—even their owners.

Because ticks can transfer from one pet to another, it is important to make sure that even the household cat is on a form of tick prevention. If the cat has access to outside or comes in contact with another pet that spends time outside, they too run the risk of being bitten by a tick. Despite the fact Lyme disease is very uncommon in cats, it is still necessary for pet owners in Tallmadge and throughout Northeast Ohio to keep their furry friend protected against these unwanted parasites as ticks can transmit diseases other than Lyme disease to pets. Fortunately, Uniontown Veterinary Clinic offers many tick control products for both canines and felines at their veterinary facility near Green.

If a cat or dog is bitten by a tick, pet owners need not panic over the possibility of Lyme disease. For the disease to be transmitted to the pet, the tick must be attached for at least 48 hours. However, if a pet is exhibiting signs of Lyme disease, owners should contact Uniontown Veterinary Clinic right away. Certain signs of Lyme disease in cats and dogs include:

  • Lethargy
  • Lameness
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Joint Inflammation/Swelling
  • And More

uniontown vet _dog with bookIn many cases, these symptoms do not occur until months have passed from the initial bite. To ensure a pet is free of Lyme disease both before and after symptoms occur, Uniontown Veterinary Clinic offers veterinary services to test if the infection is currently active in the pet or if they have had it recently. From here, their knowledgeable veterinarians can offer additional testing to see if treatment is necessary to resolve the disease if the pet tests positive. If treatment is necessary, Uniontown Veterinary Clinic’s professional veterinarians will gladly provide the affected pet with the treatment plan necessary to have them back to their old selves again in a short amount of time.

For more information on Uniontown Veterinary Clinic and their affordable veterinary services, visit their website at www.uniontownvet.com . Otherwise, feel free to call 330.699.9937 to speak to one of their friendly staff members today.

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