Homeowners Can Call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio For Grass Under Their Dog Run for a Pet-Friendly Yard

By Fiona Vernon

Getting snuggles from and being greeted at the door enthusiastically by a pet is one of the greatest joys in life; however, caring for one’s fur babies is sometimes slightly stressful.  Little changes can be made to avoid more maintenance than necessary with the snow beginning to thaw and mud issues that the April showers of spring bring with them. Homeowners are usually looking for ways to prevent their beloved animals from bringing all that dirt into the house, and even though every pet owner from Massillon, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, has different needs pertaining to their lifestyle and where they live, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio focuses on finding the right mix of artificial turf for pets specific to each client. Perhaps someone in Akron, Ohio, simply needs grass under their dog run in a large yard or would be interested in urine-resistant grass for an utterly pet-friendly yard. Either person can call this synthetic grass company for grass for their pet’s favorite area. People who have called SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can attest to the fact that they have less maintenance and more cleanliness with their artificial pet turf products.

Some of the considerations that SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio will contemplate when determining the right mix of grass for a home’s pet area include the size of the animal, size of the area needing covered, the amount of time that the pets spend in the area, personal preferred feel and look of a product, and the level of destructiveness in a dog’s personality. This synthetic grass company can handle any sized project, from grass under a pet run to a significantly larger area for a pet-friendly yard. Whether someone in Akron is looking for mud control after a rain or another in Massillon would like a yard that has no pests, such as fleas and moles, SYNLawn’s artificial turf for pets can create a healthy, clean, and functional pet-friendly yard that allows homeowners to relish in less maintenance.

Some of the benefits of having SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio install their pet turf is that any homeowner in and around Cleveland will always have the ability to gaze upon their backyard and see beautiful, green urine-resistant grass without brown urine spots or holes from a digging dog. Pet owners who dread the spring because of the mess can finally enjoy the cleansing nature of the rain because the artificial turf products from this synthetic grass company keep the mud off pets no matter what the weather is doing outside. Paws dragging mud throughout a home is a thing of the past with the drainage offered in a pet-friendly yard that allows rain and any other liquid to drain through at a rate of 30-inches per hour, meaning no standing water and preventing from the necessity to keep pets inside until puddles are gone. Additionally, odors from the ammonia in pet waste are reduced by 80% by the organic zeolite crystals added to each installation. Any upgrade made by SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio also controls rodents and other pests that may cause discomfort to pets, such as fleas and ticks.

Pet owners from Cleveland, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, who would like to look forward to the newness of spring once again instead of dreading the dirty paws from mud that their dogs trudge all over the floor can have a pet-friendly yard installed in any sized area by SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. Whether it’s grass under a dog run or for a larger sized pet area, this synthetic grass company takes many factors into consideration when they are determining the best artificial pet turf products to fit a homeowner’s needs. Anyone in Akron, Ohio, and beyond looking for solutions to pets that dig in the yard or for consistent flea issues every spring will find themselves in love with their urine-resistant grass for their pet area.
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