Businesses in Westlake, Ohio and beyond Can Install Pet-Friendly Flooring Surfaces with Help from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

For boarding facilities, veterinary clinics, and groomers, it’s important to have a pet-friendly flooring surface in place. Not only does it minimize damage caused by accidents, but it helps to lessen the anxiety animals often display when they’re away from home. Unfortunately, most urine/scratch-resistant flooring products on the market leave a lot to be desired. Though tile and concrete allow for easy cleanup, these surfaces are slippery and can be hard on little paws. Plus, they’re unsuitable for use in outdoor applications. One alternative that many businesses have started looking into is pet turf. Since artificial grass can be installed virtually anywhere, such products can be used in training spaces, kennel enclosures, examination rooms, and more. As the region’s leading distributor of synthetic grass products, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is frequently called upon by establishments in Westlake, Ohio; Avon Lake, Ohio; and the greater Cleveland, Ohio area that want to provide their four-legged visitors with a safer, more comfortable flooring surface. Continue reading