Cleveland, Ohio, Relies on Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions for Responsible Disposal of Electronics

by Fiona Vernon

The way that people use technology personally and professionally has streamlined many aspects of how they operate their lives, but it has also created a new problem of how to dispose of electronics in a manner that leaves as little a carbon footprint as possible. Businesses of all sizes rely on the latest advancements in technology to keep them organized and running smoothly. When one little part of that system goes down, the last thing that business owners from Cleveland, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, want to worry about is how they are going to responsibly dispose of the electronics that no longer work. Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions can help relieve the stress of the added responsibility of the secure destruction of classified or sensitive data. This e-waste solutions company not only offers a certificate of destruction while the company monitors the entire process with their mobile hard drive shredding services, but they also provide electronics and ewaste recycling and IT asset disposition. For on-site data destruction, individuals and businesses from Lakewood, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, can rely on Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions for proper and prompt electronic waste removal.

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Computermixx in Wooster, Ohio Offers Computer Repair, IT Support Services, and More

Unless you happen to be a computer expert, chances are you’re going to run into a few issues with your device that you simply can’t fix. If the problem deals with the professional computer in your Massillon, Ohio or Dalton, Ohio office, your first instinct is probably to call someone in your IT department. But what happens if such an individual is unavailable to provide you with the tablet or computer repair you need? In that case, you may want to contact the specialists at Computermixx in Wooster, Ohio. As this local business is dedicated to offering customers a wide range of affordable computer solutions, including technology sales and IT support services, you can look forward to obtaining the assistance you need from the experts at Computermixx! Continue reading

Head to Kelley’s Corner Stores in Akron, Ohio for All of Your Electronic Repair Needs!

These days, we rely on our electronic devices for…well, pretty much everything. That’s what makes it such a frustrating ordeal when you discover that your cell phone screen is busted or your laptop is the victim of a troublesome virus. When you find yourself dealing with such issues, it’s easy to switch to panic mode. However, instead of letting the problem get the best of you, why not just take your device to Kelley’s Corner Stores in Akron, Ohio? This local establishment offers a wide array of electronic repair services to customers in need, specializing in everything from computer virus removal to tablet and cell phone repair. So, if you desperately need broken screen repair for your iPad or cell phone, all it takes is a quick trip from your Barberton, Ohio; Tallmadge, Ohio; or Stow, Ohio home to Kelley’s Corner Stores! Continue reading

Sell a Mac Online with Core Simplicity in Copley, Ohio

The seemingly mystical features of Apple computers are beyond desirable! Their processors hook techies in Akron, Ohio and gamers in Canton, Ohio just as their multi-touch track pads tempt multi-taskers in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. And their HD cameras and retina display speak to everyone who wishes to speak to someone far away. But Apple’s innovation doesn’t stop when you get a Mac. A newer, more amazing version will excite you sooner than later. When it does, contact Core Simplicity in Copley, Ohio and sell a Mac that you don’t want to help fund the new one that you do want! Used computer values vary, so Core Simplicity gives instant online quotes. You simply describe your computer and stop wondering how much is a Macbook worth.

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Major Computer Savings Make Buying a Mac Affordable at Core Simplicity in Copley, Ohio

Apple computers’ awesome capabilities make you want one. Maybe it’s their speed, precise video editing, or crystal clear resolution that clicks with you. It could be a number of things since we’re talking about Macs. But the big list of features is usually tied to a big price tag that can make buying a Mac impossible. Core Simplicity in Copley, Ohio is the way for techies in Barberton, Ohio, film buffs in Stow, Ohio, and pixel lovers in Medina, Ohio to each buy a Macbook they can afford. The computer savings specialists are the ones to turn to for a reasonably priced Macbook Pro or Macbook Pro Retina.

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Build Your Teen’s Digital Skills & Save When You Buy a Mac at Core Simplicity in Copley, Ohio

Your teenagers want to be on the cutting edge. You want them to excel. When their wants merge with yours on the technology aisle, an Apple computer becomes a family discussion. Teens in Akron, Ohio; Fairlawn, Ohio; and Wadsworth, Ohio urge their parents to buy a Macbook or to buy a Macbook Air. But youthful spiels about slow motion and color inversion don’t top parents’ concerns about cost. A simple, tech savvy user interface and impressive virus resistance prompts parents to think twice. Yet, most won’t spend a chunk of money on something their kids may drop on the floor. Core Simplicity in Copley, Ohio is the solution. Their selection of refurbished Apple computers for sale lets parents buy affordable computers that satisfy teenage computer wants and technology needs.

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Looking to Sell Your Used MacBook Pro Retina 13? Let Core Simplicity Help You Get the Most for Your Laptop!

Sometimes we make impulsive purchases and before you know it, you’ve wasted a ton of money on something you can’t really afford and you can’t return. If you have a new or pre-owned MacBook that you are hoping to sell in the Tallmadge, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio area, then you need to visit Core Simplicity‘s online marketplace. Regardless if you are the owner of a used MacBook Pro Retina 13 or a broken MacBook Pro Retina 15, your laptop will be available online for buyers all over Ohio, even from Cincinnati, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.

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Core Simplicity: Making it Simple to Sell Your Used MacBook Pro

Are you hoping to find a quick and easy way to sell your new or used MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, while still getting the most for your laptop?

Regardless if you are looking to sell a pre-owned MacBook Air or a new MacBook Pro in Canton, Ohio; Barberton, Ohio or Strongsville, Ohio you’ll find that Core Simplicity will serve as your best option.

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iRepair & iCustomize Can Fix Your Favorite Apple Device in Three Locations around Cuyahoga County, Ohio

People and technology can make for a quirky combination, a symphonic union, or a sticky situation. The more apt the user and the more advanced the technology, the greater the chance for unique ideas, intriguing creativity, and shocking blunders. This is certainly the case for people with Apple i products. They start exploring apps, snapping pics, and making viral videos as soon as they get an iPhone or grab an iPad. For those who hit bumps along the road to brilliance, Apple warranty issues and outrageous repair costs make finding reliable discount Apple repair a necessity. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio; Portage County, Ohio; and Summit County, Ohio; iRepair & iCustomize fills the need by solving Apple device issues with on-site repairs in Kent, Akron, and Canton.

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Core Simplicity: Making it Easier to Sell Used or Broken iPads, iPhones and MacBooks for Quick Cash in Northeast Ohio

Have you had your eye on the new Apple iPhone 5, but don’t really know what to do with your iPhone 4 that you’ve only had for a few months?

When you find yourself in need of a simple, convenient way to sell your used MacBook, iPhone or other type of Apple product, you should turn to the folks at Core Simplicity in the greater Akron, Ohio area to help you out! This local Northeast Ohio company provides quality repair services on broken iPads, iPhones, iPods and Macs.  They also offer a convenient online method of purchasing and selling Apple branded consumer electronics for their customers. Regardless if you are from the Summit County, Ohio area or located in Cleveland, Ohio, with three simple steps, you could have your old MacBook as a featured listing on their online marketplace in a matter of minutes.

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