Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions Provides On-Site Data Destruction to Beachwood, Ohio, with NIST 800-88

by Fiona Vernon

Humans are becoming increasingly aware of the harm that they incur upon the planet. Sometimes the damage they cause is unintentional, so knowledge is power if they want to improve living conditions for future generations. Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions makes electronics recycling easy with bins that they have placed in and around Beachwood, Ohio, and Shaker Heights, Ohio, for people to drop off outdated personal devices, but they also come directly to businesses with their mobile hard drive shredding service. Companies can personally oversee the secure on-site data destruction, but they will also receive certificates of destruction for each serial number. Whether a healthcare provider in Pepper Pike, Ohio, needs to remain compliant with HIPAA as they upgrade their computer system, or an advertising agency in Solon, Ohio, wants to ensure their clients’ privacy, this e-waste recycling company uses the NIST 800-88 standard of data wiping. For responsible disposal of electronics, call Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions at 216.314.2897 to get on the schedule.

The electronics category doesn’t just mean a computer system. It also includes cell phones, tablets, TVs, printers, and so much more. Surprisingly, it even includes those old relics that are still in some homes…DVD players and iPods. Electronic devices contain various substances that harbor the potential to be harmful not only to the environment but also to one’s health. They contain toxins that can lead to illness, so letting them sit in landfills to decay releases toxins into the air that people breathe. When someone decides to responsibly dispose of their electronics, the substances can be removed and reused in other manufacturing without having to mine more raw materials.

Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions has made it easy for both personal and professional electronics recycling. They have not only placed bins in communities between Beachwood and Solon, but they also provide the service to companies. It may seem like an inconvenience to recycle all the electronics that are being replaced if a company is upgrading their computer systems, but this e-waste recycling company comes right to their customers location anywhere from Shaker Heights to Pepper Pike with mobile hard drive shredding that uses the NIST-88 standard of data wiping. One of the most important ways to ensure client privacy for doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities and remain compliant with HIPAA is with secure on-site data destruction from Cuyahoga E-Waste. Companies even receive certificates of destruction to accompany each serial number that was erased.

For businesses from Pepper Pike, Ohio, to Beachwood, Ohio, who need an e-waste recycling company with mobile hard drive shredding to help them remain compliant with HIPAA regulations when they are upgrading to a new computer system, Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions comes right to their clients’ door. They use the NIST 800-88 standard of data wiping to ensure their client’s privacy and provide a certificate of destruction for each component whose information was erased. For responsible disposal and recycling of electronics whether someone wants to leave their old cell phone in a bin in Solon, Ohio, or a company in Shaker Heights, Ohio, needs secure on-site data destruction, Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions has the future in mind.  

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