Marshallville, Ohio, Uses Their Tax Refunds to Buy Affordable Fuel-Efficient Cars at Jay’s Auto Sales

by Fiona Vernon

Spring has finally arrived, bringing tax refunds with it. Something that it would behoove drivers to perform every spring is an assessment of their vehicle. Does it need new tires, repair from pothole damage, or does it just needs replaced? Regardless of the need, Jay’s Auto Sales can help. This local used car lot has a comprehensive automotive service department where no job is too small or too big; however, if someone feels that their vehicle has reached the end of its usefulness and repairing it isn’t worth the money, they also stock a wide selection of affordable fuel-efficient cars, trucks, and spacious SUVs. It’s the perfect time of year for drivers to invest in a used car with a warranty because they can also use their tax refunds as down payments. Additionally, this buy here pay here dealership can help people rebuild their credit score with in-house vehicle financing. Customers from Sharon Center, Ohio, to Marshallville, Ohio, can get started with the online car loan application. Jay’s Auto Sales has been helping people from Acme, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, save money for over 37 years whether they have bad credit or are one of the eight out of 10 returning customers. Visit or call 330.334.1080 today!

Jay’s Auto Sales isn’t like other local used car lots. Their compassionate and knowledgeable staff treats everyone like family and has helped thousands of people get behind the wheel of a vehicle that will last them for years. They not only put each vehicle through a rigorous inspection before ever putting it on their lot, but every single used car on their lot also comes with a warranty of 30-days and 1,500-miles. They are that confident in each of their affordable fuel-efficient cars, spacious SUVs, and trucks. They don’t just take care of drivers from Marshallville to Acme while they are in front of them, but they also take care of them after the sale. Their comprehensive automotive service department honors all warrantied issues, as well as providing discounts on repairs once that warranty has expired. What other dealer can say that they are ready to keep their customers happy?

They are also a buy here pay here dealership that wants to help drivers from Canal Fulton to Sharon Center rebuild their credit scores. They know that everyone goes through rough times, and they shouldn’t have to suffer the repercussions for years. They have an online car loan application for in-house vehicle financing on their website for everyone from individuals with bad credit to those who just want the best and are ready to use their tax refund to buy a car. They require a reasonable down payment, personal references, proof of residency, auto insurance, and a steady paycheck. In return, they offer affordable bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly payments and an amazing vehicle they can depend on for years. From repairing pothole damage to rebuilding credit, rely on Jay’s.

Whether a driver in Acme, Ohio, wants to use their tax refund to buy an affordable fuel-efficient car, spacious SUV, or truck or another in Sharon Center, Ohio, needs a buy here pay here dealership with in-house vehicle financing to help them rebuild their credit score, Jay’s Auto Sales has been helping credit challenged individuals for decades. Drivers with bad credit can get behind the wheel of a used car that even has a warranty, knowing that they can also rely on this comprehensive automotive service department when they need anything from an oil change to pothole damage repair. Drivers from Marshallville, Ohio, to Canal Fulton, Ohio, can get started on their way to a durable car that makes them smile every time they walk up to it by filling out the online car loan application. To deal with a local used car lot that goes above and beyond, visit Jay’s Auto Sales.

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