Cleveland, Ohio, Relies on Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions for Responsible Disposal of Electronics

by Fiona Vernon

The way that people use technology personally and professionally has streamlined many aspects of how they operate their lives, but it has also created a new problem of how to dispose of electronics in a manner that leaves as little a carbon footprint as possible. Businesses of all sizes rely on the latest advancements in technology to keep them organized and running smoothly. When one little part of that system goes down, the last thing that business owners from Cleveland, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, want to worry about is how they are going to responsibly dispose of the electronics that no longer work. Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions can help relieve the stress of the added responsibility of the secure destruction of classified or sensitive data. This e-waste solutions company not only offers a certificate of destruction while the company monitors the entire process with their mobile hard drive shredding services, but they also provide electronics and ewaste recycling and IT asset disposition. For on-site data destruction, individuals and businesses from Lakewood, Ohio, to Mentor, Ohio, can rely on Cuyahoga E-Waste Recycling Solutions for proper and prompt electronic waste removal.

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Find All of the Helpful Wi-Fi Solutions You Need This Holiday Season with Sundance LTD of Summit County, Ohio

As the experienced associates of Sundance LTD in Copley, Ohio know, there are plenty of people from around the Summit County, Ohio area who are not aware that their home’s current Wi-Fi network is out of date. This is important in that many people plan on purchasing and adding a variety of new electronic items to their Akron, Ohio home’s network in the next couple of weeks, which will inevitably cause some Wi-Fi issues. Whether you’re aware that you are experiencing some home network problems, or are simply looking to upgrade your Wi-Fi, find the Wi-Fi solutions you need with the expertise of Sundance LTD. Their associates can assist you with choosing a new router, as well as helping you achieve the enhanced Wi-Fi network you seek.

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Head to Kelley’s Corner Stores in Akron, Ohio for All of Your Electronic Repair Needs!

These days, we rely on our electronic devices for…well, pretty much everything. That’s what makes it such a frustrating ordeal when you discover that your cell phone screen is busted or your laptop is the victim of a troublesome virus. When you find yourself dealing with such issues, it’s easy to switch to panic mode. However, instead of letting the problem get the best of you, why not just take your device to Kelley’s Corner Stores in Akron, Ohio? This local establishment offers a wide array of electronic repair services to customers in need, specializing in everything from computer virus removal to tablet and cell phone repair. So, if you desperately need broken screen repair for your iPad or cell phone, all it takes is a quick trip from your Barberton, Ohio; Tallmadge, Ohio; or Stow, Ohio home to Kelley’s Corner Stores! Continue reading

Find Everything You Need to Overhaul Your Car Audio at Access 1 Alarm & Audio in Cleveland, Ohio

While most vehicles are outfitted with a standard stock-quality audio system, there are plenty of vehicle owners around Northeast Ohio who just want more. More bass, better sound quality, limitless radio station options. The right business for this type of work is none other than Access 1 Alarm & Audio . Based in Cleveland, Ohio, minutes from I-71 or I-480, this local mobile electronics retailer has everything a vehicle owner could want in order to amp up the quality of their car audio. Access 1 Alarm & Audio offers professional car audio installation, a wide variety of name brand audio products, and can even give you the radio upgrade you’ve been dreaming of. They also offer backup camera systems that greatly decrease issues associated with rear blind spots. Whether you are a show car enthusiast from Mentor, Ohio, or a music loving mom from Medina, OhioAccess 1 Alarm & Audio has the products and the expertise to help you make your vehicle your own.

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For DirecTV Installation Services, Contact Liberty Digital Satellite LLC in New Philadelphia!

Are you tired of fighting with the cable company over ridiculous price changes made to your service? If you find yourself facing high cable bills for the same services you’ve had for years, it may be time to switch. One option you may prefer for your residential, commercial, or multi-dwelling location in the Tuscarawas County, Ohio area is a satellite service.  Where can you go for such services? Liberty Digital Satellite LLC in New Philadelphia, Ohio is a locally owned and operated DirecTV dealer that can help with your satellite TV needs.  With their help, you can get the DirecTV installations services you need for your Stark County, Ohio location and beyond.  Not only are they a local DirecTV retailer, but a Frontier Communications retailer and HughesNet retailer for added convenience! Is your Canton, Ohio location is in need of internet service this season? With Liberty Digital Satellite LLC’s HughesNet Installation Service, you can get the internet service you need quickly and efficiently.

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ARS Video Inc. Discusses Video to DVD Transfer with Cleveland, Ohio Area Natives

As the owner of a business that specializes in video to DVD transfer, Gary Stennett frequently receives phone calls from Cleveland, Ohio and Akron, Ohio area residents who are interested in film and video tape conversion. Many people simply store old photos and film in the basement, not realizing until years later that the content has been damaged. Whether or not your VHS tapes, 8MM/Super-8/16MM film, Betamax, Hi-8s, slides, or photos can be salvaged depends on their current condition. If they’re still in fairly good shape, chances are that you can have them transferred to a more up-to-date format. If not, film or photo transfer may not be possible. Since no one relishes the thought of losing precious memories, ARS Video Inc. encourages families throughout Beachwood, Ohio and Solon, Ohio to bring in their old pictures, film, and tapes in order to protect them for future generations.

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Customize an iPhone & Find Cool Tech Gifts at iRepair & iCustomize in Northeast Ohio

The search for cool tech gifts never ends. Whether we’re shopping for ourselves or someone else, we want the best and the latest. And we really want our tools, toys, gizmos, and gadgets to be different from everyone else’s. Some may say that’s too much to ask for. But the team at iRepair & iCustomize says differently. They have locations throughout Northeast Ohio including Kent, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; Aurora, Ohio; and Canton, Ohio, and a rep for providing fast iPhone screen repair. They also have the skills to customize an iPhone and make it the best gift you’ve ever given to yourself or anyone else!

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Contact ARS Video Inc. near Beachwood, Ohio for Video Transfer and Save Your Precious Memories!

Many of us have old photos and films that we only break out during special occasions. When they’re not in use, they’re usually put in boxes and left in damp basements or dusty attics. While you may think that sealing off these treasures is enough to prevent damage, the truth is that photographs, slides, video tapes and similar keepsakes degrade at a fairly rapid rate. In fact, VHS tapes and 8MM film can start to deteriorate in as little as a decade! Since no one relishes the thought of losing such precious mementos, media preservation is the best course of action. Nowadays, companies offer convenient video services that will allow you to convert your film or camcorder tape to DVD or a hard drive, prolonging the shelf life by decades. And it just so happens that one such company provides these services to residents in the Northeast Ohio region. Located near Beachwood, Ohio, just a short distance from Cleveland, Ohio, ARS Video Inc. offers a wide range of services to those wanting to keep their mementos intact. With affordable video transfer, slide and photo scanning, event videography and more, ARS Video Inc. can ensure that your loved ones will be able to look back at past trips and events for years to come.

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For Fast and Convenient iPhone Repair, Stop By iRepair & iCustomize in Kent, Ohio!

Let’s face it – trying to get through the day without our smart products is hard, especially when we’re so used to having them with us all of the time. Many of us have iPads that follow us to work or school, others of us have iPods that we take to the gym, and some of us have iPhones that are as near and dear to us as an old friend. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, our apple products break, leaving us stranded and feeling very vulnerable. Then what? Well, a great place to check out the next time your Apple product is in need of fixing is iRepair & iCustomize in Kent, Ohio. This is the perfect place for any Apple product user in Portage County, Ohio or Stark County, Ohio to go for fast and convenient iPhone repair. Offering same day apple product repairs, not only can you get your phone fixed quickly, but at prices that are extremely affordable. In addition to their affordable iPhone screen repair, a commonly used service, you can also find iPhone parts and accessories to enhance or modify your iPhone. This is definitely a business that any Apple product owner should look into.

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iRepair & iCustomize Are Now Offering Apple Product Repair Services in the Aurora, Ohio Area!

Today, we use our phones for more than just talking to friends in the Twinsburg, Ohio and Solon, Ohio areas; we use our phones for work, to speak with multiple people at once, to research, and to play games! Because we use our phones for so many things, we put them at risk for potential damages. Most commonly, damages occur from our phones being dropped on a hard surface. Going though the manufacturer for these repairs can cost you a fortune! If you’ve recently damaged your iPhone, contact iRepair & iCustomize at their new location at the Aurora Farms Premium Outlet in Aurora, Ohio! Their expert staff will be happy to look over your iPhone and have it back to perfect working order in no time. They even offer smartphone screen repair’s for iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, and can even fix your iPad’s screen! From Apple product repair services to iPhone customization, iRepair & iCustomize can do it all!

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