Contact ARS Video Inc. near Beachwood, Ohio for Video Transfer and Save Your Precious Memories!

Many of us have old photos and films that we only break out during special occasions. When they’re not in use, they’re usually put in boxes and left in damp basements or dusty attics. While you may think that sealing off these treasures is enough to prevent damage, the truth is that photographs, slides, video tapes and similar keepsakes degrade at a fairly rapid rate. In fact, VHS tapes and 8MM film can start to deteriorate in as little as a decade! Since no one relishes the thought of losing such precious mementos, media preservation is the best course of action. Nowadays, companies offer convenient video services that will allow you to convert your film or camcorder tape to DVD or a hard drive, prolonging the shelf life by decades. And it just so happens that one such company provides these services to residents in the Northeast Ohio region. Located near Beachwood, Ohio, just a short distance from Cleveland, Ohio, ARS Video Inc. offers a wide range of services to those wanting to keep their mementos intact. With affordable video transfer, slide and photo scanning, event videography and more, ARS Video Inc. can ensure that your loved ones will be able to look back at past trips and events for years to come.

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