iRepair & iCustomize Can Fix Your Favorite Apple Device in Three Locations around Cuyahoga County, Ohio

People and technology can make for a quirky combination, a symphonic union, or a sticky situation. The more apt the user and the more advanced the technology, the greater the chance for unique ideas, intriguing creativity, and shocking blunders. This is certainly the case for people with Apple i products. They start exploring apps, snapping pics, and making viral videos as soon as they get an iPhone or grab an iPad. For those who hit bumps along the road to brilliance, Apple warranty issues and outrageous repair costs make finding reliable discount Apple repair a necessity. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio; Portage County, Ohio; and Summit County, Ohio; iRepair & iCustomize fills the need by solving Apple device issues with on-site repairs in Kent, Akron, and Canton.

All of the things Apple i products can do quickly make them and their users inseparable. From providing mood music and turn-by-turn directions to completing tax returns, making dinner reservations, and educating children, the possible uses of an iPod, iPhone, and iPad seem endless. The downside of the products’ indispensability is that serving many purposes puts Apple i products in many places and in danger of damage.

This includes cracked screens, botched buttons, and liquid damage from spills, submersions, and in the case of smart phones—baby dribble. That’s right, the adorable sight of a toddler operating a smartphone usually leads to the frightful sight of a black screen followed by an equally scary repair bill. As surprising as it may sound, baby dribble is the leading type of liquid damage to smartphones. And liquid damage, no matter how cute the culprit, is not covered by Apple warranty options, including the AppleCare Protection Plan.

Whether your Apple devices are dropped in Cuyahoga County, stepped on in Summit County, dripped on in Portage County or drooled on in your car, iRepair & iCustomize can help when your Apple warranty won’t. Your local choice for discount Apple repair can save your money, your time, and your beloved Apple device. Just remember that the sooner you stop in to their Kent, Akron, or Canton store the better!

When your Apple devices are performing up to par and your creative juices are flowing, iRepair & iCustomize can help you take your self expression to the next level without pressing a button. The techies on staff offer iPhone customizing that can add color to your digital dreams. The standard black and common white iPhone exteriors pale in comparison to the glistening metallics iRepair & iCustomize provides at its Kent store. Red, blue, green, purple, gold, and coffee finishes are available. And once you choose the color that connects with your personality, you can choose to stop by one of their stores or send your phone in the mail.

Make your first visit to iRepair & iCustomize online today. Their website at lists their discount Apple repair services along with Apple accessories and Apple i products for sale. They will gladly help you select your next iMac and restore the glory of your favorite Apple device without the high retail prices or hurt feelings that an Apple warranty can cause. While at the website, click the map and find your way from Cuyahoga County, Ohio; Portage County, Ohio; or Summit County, Ohio to the most convenient location for you.

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