Ohio-Based Tubar Eureka Industrial Group Offers High-Quality Bulk Bag Systems and More to Companies in Need of Material Handling Equipment

By Gemma Chriss

Having been an industry leader in material handling since 1952, Tubar Eureka Industrial Group is a popular choice for companies in need of dumpers, hoppers, bulk bag unloaders, and more. Using the latest in CNC machining and laser cutting technology, Tubar Eureka Industrial Group is able to offer a wide range of material moving solutions to those in the food, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing industries. This reputable company recently introduced a new line of bulk bag systems built with the same durability and rugged construction as the rest of their product line. Businesses throughout Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; and beyond are encouraged to look into these new offerings and the benefits of partnering with a company like Tubar Eureka. Continue reading

Find the Quality Horse Tack You Need for the Cold Weather at Race Horse Stuff near Berlin!

As summer comes to a close in the New Philadelphia, Ohio area, the temperatures begin to drop in preparation for the upcoming winter season. Do you have the proper supplies available to keep your horses warm and protected during the cold season? From work horse to race horse, it’s important to make sure your Massillon, Ohio area animals are properly protected against the elements. If you find your horses aren’t properly equipped for this upcoming season, pay a visit to Race Horse Stuff outside of the Berlin, Ohio area. At this locally owned business, you can find a wide range of quality horse tack for all horse shapes and sizes. Some of the most important items you’ll want to make sure you stock up on for your Coshocton, Ohio area horses are new horse blankets and comfortable horse coolers. With these products, you’ll be able to keep your horses warm as well as properly cooled down after exercise to prevent illness.

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Call Des Eck Welding LLC to Create the Large Game Feeder Your Uvalde, TX Property Needs!

Do you plan to go hunting in the Uvalde, Texas or Laredo, Texas area this coming season? From the gear to the location, there are a lot of factors that go into creating a successful hunt. However, many individuals find that preparing a specific location on their property in advance is a great way to draw in the wildlife and obtain the game they have been hunting. Although you could create a food plot on your San Angelo, Texas property to draw in this wildlife, a large game feeder is just as good. Right now, Des Eck Welding LLC is offering amazing prices on their elevated deer feeders. With one of these affordable game feeders, you can draw the pronghorn, mule deer, or white-tailed deer you’ve been hunting straight to your Longview, Texas property! Would you like your steel deer feeder to be in a specific color? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Des Eck Welding LLC offers powder coating services to give your new feeder a custom appearance.

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For Quality Seed Mixes, Garden Fertilizers and More, Visit Merit Seed in Berlin, Ohio!

When you’re looking to invest in agricultural seed products and more for your property, you want to know that you’re investing in products you can rely on. Since 1936, Merit Seed has been dedicated to helping their customers obtain the quality seed and garden products necessary to grow quality plants on their property. As a matter-of-fact, this Berlin, Ohio location started off as the Yoder Hybrid Corn Company, providing unsurpassed quality seeds to those in the agricultural industry. Today, Merit Seed continues to provide a diverse selection of organic, conventional, and herbicide-tolerant seeds that farmers have come to trust.

No other location in the Millersburg, Ohio area has been quite as successful as Merit Seed at keeping up with the ever-changing agricultural needs of their local communities. With their expansion, Merit Seed has broadened their selection of quality products to affordable garden tools, garden fertilizers, turf seed, and more! They’ve even expanded their quality seed selection to allow garden enthusiasts and farmers alike the opportunity to find the quality seed mixes needed for their Mount Eaton, Ohio or Kidron, Ohio property.

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When You Need New Stall Doors for Your Wooster Stable, Contact Des Eck Welding LLC

Have you been considering updating the stalls of your Brunswick, Ohio barn or stable this summer? Now that your horses are spending more time outside, you’ll be able to spend more time updating their stables and your overall facility. When updating your Uhrichsville, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio facility, you’ll want to make sure that the stables you keep your horses in are properly maintained. Through frequent usage, your stall doors can begin to wear down and become less secure. In situations like these, consider updating your stable doors with help from Des Eck Welding LLC. For years, Des Eck Welding LLC has been creating custom steel stall doors for barns and stable facilities across the state. They even provide powder coating services to give the new stall doors you have selected a more customized look that matches the interior of your Millersburg, Ohio facility.

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Find Durable, Nylon Headstalls and More at Race Horse Stuff in Millersburg, Ohio

When it comes to taking good care of your horse, as well as making sure you have all of the proper gear to ride safely, any experienced horse rider knows that having the right horse tack is a top priority. Whether you’re a horse enthusiast from North Canton, Ohio or a horse trainer who works all over Northeast Ohio, you can count on Race Horse Stuff to provide you will all of the quality horse supplies you need. This Millersburg, Ohio based business has a wide selection of durable nylon headstalls, halters, nosebands, as well as reins – all of the essential horse tack to get your horse moving in the right direction.

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Get Purishield and Other Horse Care Products from Your Cleveland Area DAC Dealer!

With summer’s arrival, your horses will be spending more time out of their stall to enjoy the warm weather. During their adventures in their Columbus, Ohio area pasture, your horses may find themselves facing an unforeseen injury as they search for the roughage they enjoy most. Just as you would want to clean any wound you may have with quality disinfectant products, you want to make sure you do the same for your horses. Direct Action Company (DAC) is happy to offer a vast supply of horse injury care products and more to ensure your horse gets the treatment they need for quick healing. One series of disinfectant supplies DAC dealers in the Cincinnati, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio area carry is Purishield. With these horse care products, you can disinfect your stall as well as their wounds to provide a clean healing environment. Although Purishield can help prevent the spread of disease across your farm or stables as well as help your horse’s injury heal, it can’t help with those muscle aches.  In situations like these, consider investing in one of DAC’s most popular horse muscle creams: Morindacare Equinebrace.

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Get Unique Vegetable Plants and Growing Advice at Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have fresh, organic vegetables available for your family? Organic vegetables at the grocery store can cost you a fortune! By growing your own vegetables, you can save yourself a vast amount of money while also ensuring the fresh produce you’re eating is as healthy as it is delicious for your family. Do you know what it takes to start your very own garden on your North Canton, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio property? If you’re unsure of where to begin for your gardening endeavor, make Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio your first stop. Here, you can find a variety of unique vegetable plants and get the advice you need to grow healthy produce. Their knowledgeable staff can even help you learn more about the organic growing process! Not only can they help you with all your gardening needs, but they can also help you get rid of those old gardening tools you’ve had hidden away in your Akron, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio shed.

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Improve Coat and Skin Health of Your Dover Area Horses with Supplements from DAC!

Now that the weather has warmed in the North Canton, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area, you’ll be spending more time working with your horses outside.  Because your horses will be more active, you’ll want to make sure they remain at a healthy weight. If your horses are looking a little thin, consider investing in Bloom from Direct Action Company (DAC). DAC’s Bloom is a fat, vitamin, and mineral supplement available for all classes of horses. This supplement can help improve the overall coat and skin health of your horse as well as assist in horse weight gain. Although Bloom is an excellent supplement for many horses in need of gaining weight, some horses require a little more nutritional help – especially your older horses! DAC understands this, and that is why they’re happy to offer mature horse supplements and more at their local dealer locations!

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Visit Knupper Nursery, the Fully Stocked Nursery of Palatine, Illinois for All of Your Planting Needs

Now that spring has finally sprung, it’s time now to get around to doing some spring planting. In order to get to the planting, though, you’ve got to go somewhere that’s got all of the plants and supplies you need. One fully stocked nursery that will have everything you could want or need is none other than Knupper Nursery in Palatine, Illinois. This local garden center has roses, hydrangeas, and many other types of plants ideal for planting this time of year. They’ve also got some other resources that are sure to be quite useful to you as you plan out your outdoor spaces – an upcoming tropical plant seminar, and even an online plant finder tool on their website. Regardless of if you’re from Arlington Heights, Illinois; Lake Zurich, Illinois; or Buffalo Grove, Illinois; Knupper Nursery is the gardening center to visit.

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