Call Des Eck Welding LLC to Create the Large Game Feeder Your Uvalde, TX Property Needs!

Do you plan to go hunting in the Uvalde, Texas or Laredo, Texas area this coming season? From the gear to the location, there are a lot of factors that go into creating a successful hunt. However, many individuals find that preparing a specific location on their property in advance is a great way to draw in the wildlife and obtain the game they have been hunting. Although you could create a food plot on your San Angelo, Texas property to draw in this wildlife, a large game feeder is just as good. Right now, Des Eck Welding LLC is offering amazing prices on their elevated deer feeders. With one of these affordable game feeders, you can draw the pronghorn, mule deer, or white-tailed deer you’ve been hunting straight to your Longview, Texas property! Would you like your steel deer feeder to be in a specific color? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Des Eck Welding LLC offers powder coating services to give your new feeder a custom appearance.

Although there are many affordable game feeders available on the market today, nothing quite compares to those which have been custom built by Des Eck Welding LLC. These top-grade steel deer feeders are designed to withstand the elements as well as stay looking great throughout the years. Why should you choose one of these deer feeders over that of a department store brand for your San Angelo or Longview property? Unlike those deer feeders you can purchase in a box, Des Eck Welding LLC custom creates each of the large game feeders they sell. Furthermore, these game feeders can hold up to 550lbs of shelled corn. With a feed capacity like this, you won’t have to fill one of these great feeders nearly as much as you may have to fill one from a retail store that has a smaller feed capacity.

These elevated deer feeders stand 8 feet off the ground on durable steel legs, allowing for ultimate dispersal of shelled corn by the automatic thrower that is equipped inside the feeder itself. Best of all, this thrower comes with a lifetime warranty should it fail in the years to come. Knowing this, what’s stopping you from investing in one of these great deer feeders for your Laredo or Uvalde property this season? Don’t forget, Des Eck Welding LLC can provide you with a game feeder that is truly unique thanks to their powder coating services.

With a variety of popular colors in stock, Des Eck Welding LLC’s powder coating services allow them to transform the custom steel products you have ordered into colorful creations that match your property and your personal style. With hunting season just around the corner, now is the time to invest in the elevated deer feeder you need to enhance your hunting experience. With a large game feeder from Des Eck Welding LLC, you’ll be able to properly prepare your Uvalde, Texas or Laredo, Texas property for the local wildlife and create a personal hunting spot. If you haven’t invested in one of these affordable deer feeders for your Longview, Texas or San Angelo, Texas property yet, be sure to contact the professionals at Des Eck Welding LLC. With years of experience in the industry, they’ll be able to provide you with the custom game feeder you need to make this next hunting season a successful one. To learn more about these game feeders and other custom-made steel products, contact the experts of Des Eck Welding LLC at 330.698.7271 today!

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