Columbiana, Ohio, Goes to Akron Break Room to Release Their Frustrations While Having Fun

by Fiona Vernon

Life is stressful, and people are constantly looking for ways to combat the anxiety that builds up while they deal with daily issues. Spring motivates many people to improve their lives and surroundings, and tax refunds are being deposited into their bank accounts to help them achieve those goals. Experts agree that investing in oneself is one of the best ways to use a tax refund, and Akron Break Room can help people from Columbiana, Ohio, to Ashland, Ohio, release their frustrations while having fun in a few ways. This local facility houses rage rooms and paint rooms that offer a plethora of mental health benefits for all ages. They are perfect as an icebreaker for a first date, as a team building activity, a fun night out with friends, and for something fun for kids to do this summer. For healthy stress relief from Ravenna, Ohio, to New Philadelphia, Ohio, Akron Break Room has created an epic venue in which all ages and personalities can unleash their inhibitions and express their creativity. Book a room today!

When someone wants high-energy fun, there is no better place to find mental health benefits for all ages than at Akron Break Room. Welcome to their newest design in their paint room. It’s the perfect thing for kids from Ashland to Ravenna to do this summer instead of signing them up for the usual summer camp or taking them to the mall with friends. This local glow-in-the-dark paint room offers an experience like no other. Each guest receives eight containers of glow paint, a squirt gun and squeeze bottle full of paint, paint brushes, and a 16”x20” canvas. Regardless of the hair cap, foot booties, safety glasses, and lab coats provided, everyone should be prepared to get a little bit messy. They’ll have enough paint to cover themselves, the walls, their canvases, and their friends. The black light gives everything an aesthetic glow, and the kids will planning their return.

Those who don’t think that painting offers them enough relief will love the fun they’re having as they release their frustration at this local rage room. Whether someone from New Philadelphia wants the perfect icebreaker for a first date or another in Columbiana wants a fun night out with friends, Akron Break Room has created the perfect destination for each goal. Protective gear is provided, because glass and plastic will be flying everywhere if it’s done right! Each person can choose from a variety of weapons, like tire irons, baseball bats, and golf clubs. The cathartic feel of it coming down on the target is highly satisfying. People can even bring their own items to smash. Have a bad breakup and want to smash some mementos? Have an old printer that has caused more pain than not? Bring them along and let someone else clean up the mess.

Both the paint room and the rage room are perfect for healthy stress relief, as well as for team building activities. Bringing even the most difficult coworkers together to help improve their communication and productivity, subsequently increasing the bottom line of the company. It’s also one of the best ways to use a tax refund, because whether it’s for business or personal growth, it’s being used to invest in oneself.

Akron Break Room has one side that’s a local paint room and perfect for parents in Ravenna, Ohio, to visit when they want something for their kids to do this summer. The other side is a rage room for those in Columbiana, Ohio, who want to release frustration while having fun. This local facility offers an experience for those who want a venue as a perfect icebreaker for a first date or for someone who wants to come alone. It can be a great addition to a fun night out with friends or as a team building activity. For one of the best ways to use a tax refund that also provides healthy stress relief, all ages from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Ashland, Ohio, can visit Akron Break Room for their mental health benefits. Call 330.388.3952 or visit their website for more information or to book a room!

Akron Break Room
529 Grant St.
Akron, Ohio 44311