Improve Coat and Skin Health of Your Dover Area Horses with Supplements from DAC!

Now that the weather has warmed in the North Canton, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area, you’ll be spending more time working with your horses outside.  Because your horses will be more active, you’ll want to make sure they remain at a healthy weight. If your horses are looking a little thin, consider investing in Bloom from Direct Action Company (DAC). DAC’s Bloom is a fat, vitamin, and mineral supplement available for all classes of horses. This supplement can help improve the overall coat and skin health of your horse as well as assist in horse weight gain. Although Bloom is an excellent supplement for many horses in need of gaining weight, some horses require a little more nutritional help – especially your older horses! DAC understands this, and that is why they’re happy to offer mature horse supplements and more at their local dealer locations!

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