Get the Commercial Kitchen Appliances You Need at A+ Food Service Supply in Canton, Ohio

Choosing the right commercial kitchen appliances for your restaurant isn’t as easy as one would hope. For starters, there’s the small matter of finding a company that specializes in commercial coolers, ovens, refrigerators, and other professional-grade appliances. When you do locate a business that carries high-quality food service products, you then have to determine which ones will fit your budget and needs. Whether you’re opening your first establishment in Akron, Ohio, or it’s simply been a while since you’ve had to purchase such items, chances are you could use some assistance. Fortunately for those in the Stark County, Ohio area, there’s A+ Food Service Supply in Canton, Ohio. Not only does this local business have an extensive selection of restaurant supplies as well as new and used restaurant equipment, but their knowledgeable sales staff is there to provide the one-on-one help their customers occasionally require. Continue reading

End Budget Years Improving Commercial Refrigeration Equipment with Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio

Time to make the best of remaining budget balances is running out. This is especially true for entities with a spend-or-rescind policy. Government offices in Cleveland, Ohio, publicly traded companies in Independence, Ohio and private companies in Valley View, Ohio included. That’s why the commercial refrigeration equipment experts at Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio are encouraging all to consider their equipment needs. Perhaps your current walk-in cooler or reach-in cooler could stand to be replaced. If you plan to expand next year, now may also be an ideal time to upgrade your ice machine.

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Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio is the Refrigeration Distributor that Supports Business Growth

Expenses are inevitable for business owners. This makes smart buys, quality purchases, and affordable assets essential. Especially when it comes to significant expenditures that companies can’t do without. Commercial refrigeration equipment falls in this category, and Miller’s Refrigeration is the refrigeration distributor that meets the wise buyer’s criterion. Whether it be to buy an ice machine for industrial use in Canton, Ohio or an ice cream maker for commercial purposes in North Canton, Ohio, the refrigeration company in Akron, Ohio is the local source for exceptional products and services.

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Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio is the Local Refrigeration Company to Connect With

Businesses are built on relationships. Internally, it’s bonds between employees that count. Externally, connections with customers and service providers matter. But in all actuality, for businesses that rely on commercial refrigeration equipment, a strong relationship with a refrigeration company is more of a necessity. Consider how important ice making machines are to hospitals or a Stoelting ice cream maker is to a small sweet shop. And as the same level of need exists for your Barberton, Ohio restaurant or your offices in Fairlawn, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, you also need an external ally. Fortunately, you have a well qualified candidate in Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio.

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Meet Your Refrigeration & Ice Making Needs per NSF Standards with Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio

Summer reminds everyone with commercial refrigeration and ice making equipment just how important these assets are. Rising temperatures require constant production and interruptions quickly prove problematic. Restaurants, hospitals, and equally busy entities near Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio rely on Miller’s Refrigeration for clean and check services to avoid this inconvenient fact. Experienced in selling and servicing essential equipment by top brands, the Akron, Ohio company can provide, maintain, repair, and replace Manitowoc, Follet, and Stoelting machines among others.

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Clean & Check Services by Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio Maintain Commercial Refrigeration Units

Commercial refrigeration equipment is a major investment. Without proper care, however, the essential business assets can become costly mistakes. For businesses in Stark County, Ohio that rely on commercial ice makers and those in Summit County, Ohio and Portage County, Ohio that rely on reach-in and walk-in coolers, periodic clean and check services are priceless. With Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio, equipment care services including condenser maintenance, evaporator coil cleaning, and refrigerant charge checks for all types of commercial units are also affordable.

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Call Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Sales & Service

Reliable commercial refrigeration equipment is invaluable to many businesses. A reach-in cooler is as important to a Stark County convenience store as a walk-in cooler is to a Portage County restaurant. And hospitals in Summit County and beyond need a functioning commercial ice maker on every floor. But these pivotal assets are machines, and machines break. When the inevitable happens in Northeast Ohio, Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio is the company to call for repairs and replacements!

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