End Budget Years Improving Commercial Refrigeration Equipment with Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio

Time to make the best of remaining budget balances is running out. This is especially true for entities with a spend-or-rescind policy. Government offices in Cleveland, Ohio, publicly traded companies in Independence, Ohio and private companies in Valley View, Ohio included. That’s why the commercial refrigeration equipment experts at Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio are encouraging all to consider their equipment needs. Perhaps your current walk-in cooler or reach-in cooler could stand to be replaced. If you plan to expand next year, now may also be an ideal time to upgrade your ice machine.

Equally wise expenditures are clean and check appointments. These impressively thorough yet surprisingly affordable commercial refrigeration equipment evaluations include more than maintenance. Granted you can expect the evaporator coils of a walk-in cooler or reach-in cooler to be cleaned and an ice machine sanitized. Internal temperatures, wiring, automatic processes, and other aspects mandated by NSF standards will also be checked.

For hospitals in Cleveland with commercial refrigeration equipment that is constantly used by a slew of employees, this service often proves invaluable. And it can be a literal life saver for restaurants in Independence and Valley View with multiple food storage and service stations. Reason being, an expert assessment can identify the need for adjustments, additional employee training, and product replacements. All of which the experts at Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron are experienced in providing.

We must, however, point out that this team’s definition of adjustments is likely broader than you think. You see, they do more than supply and service commercial refrigeration equipment. They also aid in layout and workflow design. Invite them to ensure that your current walk-in cooler and reach-in cooler are operating on par with NSF standards, and they can also let you know if their locations are benefitting or inhibiting your staff’s productivity.

Poorly placed machines can be easily moved by the team that’s accustomed to installing it all. And in cases where new equipment is purchased, the seasoned professionals can maximize space, time, and budgets from the beginning. This portion of their service consistently benefits companies of all types and sizes, be they adding an ice machine or starting from scratch.

With over 40 years of experience, the helpful allies at Miller’s Refrigeration provide comprehensive assistance. See for yourself online at millersrefrigeration.com or call 330.784.4527 and invite them to your business. They will make good use of your time and help you make the best use of your budget. Commercial refrigeration equipment is a necessary expense that helps organizations from Cleveland, Ohio to Independence, Ohio and throughout Valley View, Ohio thrive. Factor in the expertise on tap at Miller’s Refrigeration, and a conversation about a walk-in cooler, reach-in cooler or ice machine could reveal ways to avoid fines while saving money and time.

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