Call Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Sales & Service

Reliable commercial refrigeration equipment is invaluable to many businesses. A reach-in cooler is as important to a Stark County convenience store as a walk-in cooler is to a Portage County restaurant. And hospitals in Summit County and beyond need a functioning commercial ice maker on every floor. But these pivotal assets are machines, and machines break. When the inevitable happens in Northeast Ohio, Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio is the company to call for repairs and replacements!

Now that the heat is on, cooling units of every variety are being put to the test. Government employees are counting on cafeterias for lunches with chilled drinks. And families out and about soaking up the sunlight are stopping into stores and restaurants for refreshment. When they enter your realm, they expect a cool breeze just as they expect a fresh meal or a cup of crushed ice. So when your commercial refrigeration equipment poses a problem, you need it addressed promptly and professionally!

Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron is the solution. Be it unwelcomed warmth in your walk-in cooler or peculiar sounds as opposed to ice coming from your commercial ice maker, Miller’s Refrigeration can resolve the issue. The local, family-owned company has been helping commercial customers maintain optimal operations for three generations. Their team can service all commercial refrigeration equipment and replace products that are beyond repair with the ease and convenience of a phone call.

When you call on Miller’s Refrigeration for service or sales, they come to you. In your line of work, getting away in the middle of the day is not an easy feat. And your scheduling demands are understood and appreciated by the sales and service representatives at Miller’s Refrigeration. That’s why their visits to assess and fulfill your commercial refrigeration needs in Stark County, Summit County, Portage County and surrounding areas are conducted with your time and urgency in mind.

Timely arrivals by well groomed and well informed employees are what you can expect from the team at Miller’s Refrigeration. You can also count on receiving reliable repairs and expert installation of replacement equipment. And when an item that is as essential to your business as a commercial ice maker or walk-in cooler is to a high-end hotel malfunctions, knowing who to call for a rapid, worry-free remedy is relieving!

Miller’s Refrigeration delivers relief through performance on a daily basis. By providing products their customers need with service they appreciate at prices they can afford, Miller’s Refrigeration replaces stress with satisfaction. Should your stress be connected to your company’s current cash flow or lack thereof, the local company that values relationships and understands budgets aims to ease your worries too. How? With the occasional availability of used equipment, that’s how. Occasional is, however, the operative word because they apply intense scrutiny in this area and few used items make the cut. Those that do are fine tuned by their team of experts and delivered to you with a company-backed warranty.

It’s time to get to know the local commercial refrigeration company that you will quickly grow to rely on. Go to and see the many ways your business can benefit from a relationship with Miller’s Refrigeration. Their product offerings vary as much as their service skills. From a commercial ice maker to a walk-in cooler on to an ice cream machine and beyond, Miller’s Refrigeration can repair it, replace it, and install it! If you’re currently in need or interested in preventative maintenance, call Miller’s Refrigeration at 330.784.4527 and schedule a visit to your Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; or Portage County, Ohio business today!

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