Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio is the Local Refrigeration Company to Connect With

Businesses are built on relationships. Internally, it’s bonds between employees that count. Externally, connections with customers and service providers matter. But in all actuality, for businesses that rely on commercial refrigeration equipment, a strong relationship with a refrigeration company is more of a necessity. Consider how important ice making machines are to hospitals or a Stoelting ice cream maker is to a small sweet shop. And as the same level of need exists for your Barberton, Ohio restaurant or your offices in Fairlawn, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, you also need an external ally. Fortunately, you have a well qualified candidate in Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron, Ohio.

The local refrigeration company is an industry veteran with 40 years of specialized experience. Providing, maintaining, and repairing machines are now second nature to the seasoned team. They also value relationships and strive to forge lasting bonds. Internally, through family ties as Miller’s Refrigeration is a family owned company with three generations currently working side by side. And externally through relationships with commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers which afford them insight and access that can benefit you.

For example, Miller’s Refrigeration is an authorized distributor of Stoelting machines. With such a relationship with the ice cream maker manufacturer, the local refrigeration company is able to not only provide this valuable equipment but also maintain and repair it per the parent company’s specifications. This is an obvious benefit to businesses in Barberton that already know to count on Miller’s Refrigeration. And it’s employable data for those in Fairlawn and Cuyahoga Falls who are seeking to expand their companies’ capabilities.

Relationships between key manufacturers and the local refrigeration company that’s prepared to be your ally don’t end with Stoelting. Manitowac, Hoshizaki, Lanear, Servend, and other makers of ice making machines are also connected to Miller’s Refrigeration in Akron. Again, this provides access and information that can be used to keep your business operations flowing and growing. Be it by performing clean and check maintenance to your current ice making machines as intended by their designers or upgrading your assets with respect to your budget.

The list of reasons to make Miller’s Refrigeration your business ally goes on. Layout advice and assistance with implementation, training on equipment use, and monitoring for compliance with NSF standards included. To determine the services that the refrigeration company can deliver to you, visit If you prefer to begin on a personal note, call 330.784.4527 and ask a member of the skilled team to come to you. They can clean and check your Stoelting ice cream maker and your ice making machines while they’re there. That is unless you have other concerns or simply want to sit, chat, and get acquainted.

Miller’s Refrigeration
2215 E Waterloo Road #402
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