Vintage Hankies: A Unique Wedding Table Accessory from Fort Laurens Antique Trading Company in Bolivar, Ohio

It‘s July and hundreds of soon to be brides in the Tuscarawas County, Ohio area will be searching for a wedding hall, a caterer, flowers, centerpieces, linens, and many other items to make that perfect day special. A great idea that will get your guests and friends talking at the wedding table is utilizing individual old fashioned antique hankies.  Most can be purchased at any antique shop for $2 to $5.  Each setting will have a unique vintage hankie. Many of the dealers at the Fort Laurens Antique Trading Company in Bolivar, Ohio, carry various hankies covering from the very simple to the more ornate.  The prices will be right for you and your budget while you shop around Northeast Ohio for wedding décor ideas.

Believe it or not, the hankie in the old days was a square of cloth used to wipe the eyes, nose and mouth.  Men often utilized the hanky, or “pocket square,” in their suit-jacket.  The use of the pocket square is still seen today.  The better hankies were made of cotton, silk, or linen. Women, however, utilized vintage hankies.  A hanky can bring back memories and become a wedding keepsake. As wedding décor, imagine how adding it to a wedding table in Bolivar or anywhere in Tuscarawas County would show classic tradition and an understated beauty.  It would also tell the story of women over the last several centuries.

Pioneer women carried their household goods while crossing the great American prairie.  Many tucked into their sleeves keepsake handkerchiefs (or vintage hankies) that had been handed down to them by mothers and sisters that they would never see again.  Years and years later, family heritages could be determined by the origin of the lace on these old fashioned antique hankies. Particularly nice hankies can command prices from $20-$30 to much more for the rarer examples, like the 1912 Titanic memorial hanky that recently sold for nearly $400.  Imagine the different ways you could use these special pieces to accent your wedding colors this summer in Northeast Ohio.

The classic, timeless beauty of handkerchiefs will give your summer wedding celebration an old-world touch that your guests are sure to remember. Your photos will be sure to catch glimpses of the vintage hankies gracing the place settings and the happy faces of guests clutching them as they watch the bride and groom’s first dance.  Every bride wants her wedding to be a standout in some way; adding old fashioned unique hankies will bring a sense of tradition and elegance to your day at an affordable cost.

This summer, visit Fort Laurens Antique Trading Company in Tuscarawas County, Ohio for your wedding décor ideas.  You will be sure to find old fashioned antique hankies to add to your Northeast Ohio wedding table and many other special finds along the way.  Using a vintage hankie for place settings or for accents throughout the floral arrangements will no doubt be a photogenic and visually stunning addition to your big day.

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