Keep Your Horse Warm This Fall with a Horse Blanket from Race Horse Stuff near Youngstown, Ohio

As the temperatures start to cool down, horse owners and trainers from around the Midwest are eager to get outside and enjoy the change in season with their animals. Now is the time to give your horses a much-needed break from their hot, stuffy stables, as well as continue on with their regular training regimen. However, before you take your horses out into the cold weather this season, you may want to think about giving them an extra layer of protection against the crisp air. For instance, those around the Shelbyville, Indiana; Youngstown, Ohio; and Hazel Park, Michigan areas often use fitted fly sheets and thicker horse blankets to keep their animals comfortable during leisurely strolls. Luckily for you, such horse racing equipment can be ordered from Ohio-based Race Horse Stuff, along with leather headstalls, reins with rubber grips, nylon halters, and more.

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