Keep Your Horse Warm This Fall with a Horse Blanket from Race Horse Stuff near Youngstown, Ohio

As the temperatures start to cool down, horse owners and trainers from around the Midwest are eager to get outside and enjoy the change in season with their animals. Now is the time to give your horses a much-needed break from their hot, stuffy stables, as well as continue on with their regular training regimen. However, before you take your horses out into the cold weather this season, you may want to think about giving them an extra layer of protection against the crisp air. For instance, those around the Shelbyville, Indiana; Youngstown, Ohio; and Hazel Park, Michigan areas often use fitted fly sheets and thicker horse blankets to keep their animals comfortable during leisurely strolls. Luckily for you, such horse racing equipment can be ordered from Ohio-based Race Horse Stuff, along with leather headstalls, reins with rubber grips, nylon halters, and more.

The arrival of fall in Midwestern cities like Youngstown, Shelbyville, and Hazel Park brings a number of horse shows and racing events along with it. With that in mind, it’s in your best interest to ensure that your animals are in excellent racing condition. Along with the usual drills you run in your own track, it’s also a good idea to let your horses loose and give them a little freedom to move when and where they want. Take them on a scenic ride around your property so you can enjoy the colorful foliage and the crunching of leaves under their hooves! Just make sure to dress them accordingly…

Though some trainers and owners opt to leave their horses bare, it’s wise to have some kind of thicker covering on hand in case the temperatures dip too low. If you’re worried that your horses may overheat with something as heavy as a horse blanket, there’s always the option of a fitted fly sheet instead. These covers are thinner than winter horse blankets and can help keep horses clean right before shows. Plus, they’re available for a reasonable price when you purchase such horse racing equipment from a locally owned company like Race Horse Stuff.

For years, Race Horse Stuff has been offering high-quality leather headstalls, reins with rubber grips, nosebands, nylon halters, and more. Virtually all of the horse racing equipment you need can be obtained from Race Horse Stuff, including thin and thick coverings for the fall. Just one call to this Ohio-based company and you can make sure your animals are properly equipped for their next show, race, or casual walk around your property.

To avoid being ill-prepared for your next event in Shelbyville, Indiana; Youngstown, Ohio; or Hazel Park, Michigan; why not contact Race Horse Stuff to learn more about the premium horse racing equipment they have available? If you have questions about their leather headstalls, reins with rubber grips, and nylon halters for horses, give them a call at 888.884.5285 or 877.322.0460. If you’d like to see pictures of some of the horse blankets and fitted fly sheets they carry, check out their Facebook page.

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