Direct Action Company of Ohio Discusses Hay Alternatives for Your Horses

Due to unfavorable growing conditions this past year, you may find yourself without the quality horse feed your animals need. As a shortage in hay has left many horse caretakers without this important fiber source, some are turning to hay alternatives in order to make up the loss of fiber. While there’s nothing wrong with giving your horses other fiber-rich foods, it’s in your best interest to do some research beforehand. Otherwise, you could wind up doing more harm to the animals in your Kentucky, California, or Texas stables than good. As a well-known equine product supplier, Ohio-based Direct Action Company knows that you aren’t always in a position to give your animals the nutritious feed they require for good health. If you’re forced to purchase a fiber-rich food other than hay, incorporating an equine digestive supplement from your local horse supplement distributor is the best way to avoid stomach issues.

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