Individuals in Stow, Ohio, Can Have a Career Vs a Job With Barber Training at Akron Barber College

By Fiona Vernon

For many years, high school graduates were pushed to attend a traditional college, and society reinforced that idea with companies requiring a four-year degree for someone to even be considered for employment.  The past few years has witnessed a change in thinking with more acceptance for those who have attended a local trade school. Anyone from New Castle, Pennsylvania, to Dover, Ohio, who is looking for a career vs a job will love the comprehensive barber training they receive at Akron Barber College. Whether someone is debating the benefits of becoming a certified barber vs a cosmetologist or they want to focus on men’s haircutting, shaving, and facials, this local barber college offers a curriculum that teaches traditional barber services, as well as modern haircutting techniques, for those who want to learn how to style, relax, perm, and color hair. They feature a student barbershop in which pupils can put their talent to work on real customers. Any budding entrepreneur from Stow, Ohio, to Barberton, Ohio, wanting to expand their self-employment options can enroll at Akron Barber College (330.644.9114) to get started on their journey.

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