Individuals in Stow, Ohio, Can Have a Career Vs a Job With Barber Training at Akron Barber College

By Fiona Vernon

For many years, high school graduates were pushed to attend a traditional college, and society reinforced that idea with companies requiring a four-year degree for someone to even be considered for employment.  The past few years has witnessed a change in thinking with more acceptance for those who have attended a local trade school. Anyone from New Castle, Pennsylvania, to Dover, Ohio, who is looking for a career vs a job will love the comprehensive barber training they receive at Akron Barber College. Whether someone is debating the benefits of becoming a certified barber vs a cosmetologist or they want to focus on men’s haircutting, shaving, and facials, this local barber college offers a curriculum that teaches traditional barber services, as well as modern haircutting techniques, for those who want to learn how to style, relax, perm, and color hair. They feature a student barbershop in which pupils can put their talent to work on real customers. Any budding entrepreneur from Stow, Ohio, to Barberton, Ohio, wanting to expand their self-employment options can enroll at Akron Barber College (330.644.9114) to get started on their journey.

Individuals who are tired of simply making ends meet and want a career vs a job can enroll at Akron Barber College. Everyone from Dover to Stow who are debating going to a local trade school to become a barber vs a cosmetologist will find that there is not a significant amount of difference between the two career options. It’s more a matching of personalities, barbering typically being more laid back and cosmetology catering to more high-end clientele who require more attention. Barbering focuses on catering to men’s services, while cosmetology focuses more on beauty enhancement of women with nail services, skin care, and waxing. The biggest difference is that during barber training the student will become adept at using a straight razor. Both require a state-certified license, and while barbers earn a higher average annual salary, cosmetologists can expect better job prospects. Both avenues of education will learn how to style, color, relax, and perm hair in addition to customer service, marketing, and salon management classes to expand their self-employment options. With almost half of all barbers and cosmetologists being self-employed in 2018, this statistic is appealing to many who graduate and want to be their own boss. In 2012, there were almost 12 times more licensed cosmetologist than barbers; however, there are far more openings for barbers than people to fill them.

Becoming a state-certified barber at Akron Barber College (330.644.9114) generally includes 1,800 clock hours over the course of 11 months and an examination that consists of a written test and a hands-on portion to demonstrate acquired skills. This local barber college provides a student barbershop with 28 chairs and stations so that clients from Barberton to New Castle can walk-in or schedule a time to take advantage of discount pricing on traditional barber services — such as men’s shaving, facials, and haircutting with the modern techniques that the students have developed. Anyone wanting to jump start their career and make lifelong friends will find all they need to fulfill their goals when they enroll in classes at Akron Barber College.

Different temperaments can be found throughout society, and obtaining a traditional four-year degree isn’t a path meant for everyone. Local trade schools can help fulfill many needs for those from Stow, Ohio, to New Castle, Pennsylvania, who want a career vs a job and a variety of self-employment options. Akron Barber College provides barber training to become a certified barber with modern haircutting techniques and traditional barber services, while allowing pupils to hone their skills on actual clients in the student barbershop. This local barber college takes its trainees on a journey to obtain a barber license by having them learn how to style, relax, perm, and color hair, as well as methods of men’s shaving, facials, and haircutting. Anyone from Barberton, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, debating the paths of barber vs cosmetologist can have all their questions answered from the experts at Akron Barber College!

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