Small Studio Provides Cleveland, Ohio Natives with Great Holiday Present Ideas

By Gemma Chriss

Small Studio_LogoWith Christmas just around the corner, many individuals throughout the North Olmsted, Ohio and Independence, Ohio areas are scrambling to get all of their holiday presents ready in time. Fortunately, Small Studio has proven to be an excellent resource for those wanting to step up their gift-giving game this season. This local art supply shop near Cleveland, Ohio offers a wide array of decorative paper and ribbons, providing customers with the opportunity to disguise their presents with festive wrapping paper and accessories. Those who are looking to add something a little extra can even get tips on how to craft beautiful gift tags for wine bottles, scented candles, lotions, and more. Plus, Small Studio still has a few knitting classes coming up for those who’d like to surprise a loved one with a thoughtful homemade gift. Continue reading

Small Studio in Westlake, Ohio Has a Number of Knitting, Crocheting, and Bookbinding Classes Coming Up

By Gemma Chriss

Small Studio_LogoNow that fall has officially arrived, many Strongsville, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio natives have started thinking about holiday gifts for their loved ones. Though it may seem a little premature, many can attest to the fact that taking care of one’s holiday list early can eliminate a lot of stress later on. For those who plan on making their presents this year, getting a head-start is an especially good idea, and one that Small Studio is eager to help with. This local craft shop in Westlake, Ohio offers several adult arts & crafts programs that are designed to teach participants new skills they can later use to create all kinds of beautiful art projects. With knitting classes, crocheting classes, bookbinding classes, drawing classes, and more, Small Studio has a number of options available for those who want to surprise their friends and family members with some truly special presents this year. Continue reading

Small Studio Is One of Few Yarn Shops Remaining in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio Area

Small Studio_LogoSmall Studio_PaperBy Gemma Chriss

There are a number of individuals throughout the Northeast Ohio region that use high-quality yarn to create beautiful works of fiber art. Unfortunately, they’re finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the materials they need for their craft. In just the last few weeks, two local yarn shops have announced their closing dates, leaving less than a handful of establishments left in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. To those who have never so much as taken a knitting or crocheting class, this may not seem like an issue. After all, there are plenty of online retailers that have such products available. However, experienced crafters know that there’s no substitute for an in-person visit to a store staffed by knowledgeable sales associates. The good news is that Small Studio continues to thrive, providing residents as far as Akron, Ohio and Brunswick, Ohio with the specialty art supplies and expert advice they require. Not only is Small Studio one of the only remaining yarn stores in the area, but it’s the only retail establishment between Columbus and Ann Arbor that has such a large selection of decorative wrapping paper for bookbinding and other paper crafts.

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Small Studio in Westlake Carries a Variety of New Yarn Products for Spring and Summer Crafting!

Small Studio_LogoBy Fiona Vernon

For thousands of years, individuals across the world have used yarn products to craft beautiful articles of clothing, rugs, blankets, and more. Today, yarn is still used to create these beautiful products —especially by those who love to knit and crochet! To help individuals like these obtain the quality craft supplies they need to complete their latest project, Small Studio offers an assortment of different yarn products at their local craft store in Westlake. Here individuals from Cleveland, Strongsville, and beyond can browse through some of the latest yarn skeins they have available to find the colors and textures that they prefer to complete their latest crafting project.

With spring just around the corner, however, many individuals are looking to invest in additional knitting patterns that take the warming temperatures in Lorain and across the region into consideration. After all, sweaters and scarves aren’t necessarily needed during the warm spring and summer months. To help keep up with the changing seasons and to accommodate their customers, Small Studio has incorporated new knitting patterns into the ones they currently have available. Unlike the full sweater patterns they have available for winter projects, these spring and summer knitting patterns are for t-shirt type clothing items instead.

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Shop for Needlework Supplies and Learn about Upcoming Events at Akron, Ohio-Based Blueberry Hill Stitchery

With the gray skies and low temperatures we’ve had to deal with for the last few months, chances are you’ve been spending a lot of time in the warmth of your Barberton, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio home. Unfortunately, there aren’t any upcoming holidays to prepare for, which means you may need a new project to keep yourself occupied while you avoid the unpleasant conditions outside. Whether you’re a needle arts enthusiast or you’re simply looking to take up a new hobby, a trip to Blueberry Hill Stitchery in Akron, Ohio will give you the opportunity to shop for cross stitch patterns and other needlework supplies, as well as learn about the fun events coming up at this local establishment! Not only does this nearby cross stitch shop have an extensive selection of embroidery floss, fabric, beads, and buttons that you can use to create your next crafts project, but they also have a stitching group you can join in order to make new friends and pick up tips!

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Pay a Visit to the Alliance, Ohio Area’s Newest Local Shopping Center, Courtyard Square


Let’s face it—holiday shopping can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, especially when you have a lot of people on your list. In order to get all of their shopping out of the way at once, some people opt to visit the nearest mall. The biggest problem with this tactic? Your Alliance, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; or Minerva, Ohio area mall is sure to be packed full of people who had the exact same idea, making it a downright unpleasant experience! To avoid the headache, you may want to visit Courtyard Square instead. This local shopping center may be new to the area, but it’s already home to a number of interesting businesses, including a women’s fashion boutique, yarn store, and more. They even have a spot where you can pick up discount groceries! Plus, Courtyard Square will soon welcome the addition of a spacious event center that will act as a concert venue, reception hall, and conference center to those in need. Continue reading

Join Blueberry Hill Stitchery in Akron, Ohio for Upcoming Events and Great Deals on Stitching Materials!

With the colorful leaves of fall and the icicle-draped branches of winter, the Northeast Ohio region is blessed with some truly beautiful scenery toward the end of the year. It’s no surprise to learn that many needle arts enthusiasts draw inspiration from fall and winter, creating embroidered pillows and other fun accessories based on the seasons. If you’re eager to decorate your own North Canton, Ohio or Green, Ohio home with handmade furnishings, now is the perfect time to pay Blueberry Hill Stitchery a visit. From October 13th-18th, this Akron, Ohio establishment will be running their annual fall sale for customers wanting to save on such stitching materials as threading and floss. But that’s not all that Blueberry Hill Stitchery will be offering, not at all! In addition to allowing you to purchase discounted fabrics, a trip to this local stitching shop will give you the opportunity to take advantage of their upcoming trunk show!

© My Big Toe Designs

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Preserve Memories with a Family Quilt from Memory Lane Quilting near Toledo, Ohio!

As our children grow and our family members age, preserving special moments we’ve shared with them becomes even more important to us. Although we could take pictures and record videos, these items don’t always hold the special meaning that we want them to. If you’re looking for a more creative way to preserve special moments with your Toledo, Ohio or Steubenville, Ohio family, contact Memory Lane Quilting. With the help of their professional quilt services, Memory Lane Quilting can create a family quilt unlike any other. One quilt type that many individuals in the Marietta, Ohio and Youngstown, Ohio areas enjoy is a traditional t-shirt quilt. With a t-shirt quilt, you and your family can join a variety of unique t-shirts together to create a custom made quilt they’ll be sure to cherish. Although these t-shirt quilts make great gift quilts, patchwork memory quilts are another option you may want to consider.

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Find Bereavement Gifts that Last a Lifetime at Memory Lane Quilting in Northeast Ohio

Comforting someone who has lost a loved one can be difficult. It’s often hard to know what to say or what to do. Perhaps that’s why we let kind gestures, thoughtful acts, and sentimental gifts speak for us. And a patchwork memory quilt is a unique way to express sympathy and support. Unlike most bereavement gifts, patchwork memory quilts are permanent keepsakes. Those made by the custom quilt makers at Memory Lane Quilting in Northeast Ohio can even be fashioned from sentimental items. For surviving loved ones in Columbus, Ohio; Springfield, Ohio; Lancaster, Ohio; and all points in between, a memory quilt is a way to feel close to the one who is gone.

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Create a Family T-Shirt Quilt for Your Mason, Ohio Loved Ones at Memory Lane Quilting!

Are you looking for a unique way to remember someone you have recently lost? When it comes to a significant loss in your life, grieving is not always easy. Often, you want to keep something of theirs in order to keep their memory alive. Memory Lane Quilting understands this, and that is why they’re happy to offer their services in creating a memory quilt for you. These patchwork bereavement quilts –also known as memory quilts– are created from old articles of clothing that are no longer in use, often from the individual who has since passed. These articles of clothing are cut into patchwork pieces and are then reassembled as a quilt unlike any other you’ve seen before. With this quilt, you can keep warm during chilly nights in the Cincinnati, Ohio or Okeana, Ohio while keeping the memory of your loved one with you wherever you go. Of course, Memory Lane Quilting can create other custom quilts for you to enjoy or share with your loved ones in the Hamilton, Ohio or Mason, Ohio area – including family t-shirt quilts!

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