Create a Family T-Shirt Quilt for Your Mason, Ohio Loved Ones at Memory Lane Quilting!

Are you looking for a unique way to remember someone you have recently lost? When it comes to a significant loss in your life, grieving is not always easy. Often, you want to keep something of theirs in order to keep their memory alive. Memory Lane Quilting understands this, and that is why they’re happy to offer their services in creating a memory quilt for you. These patchwork bereavement quilts –also known as memory quilts– are created from old articles of clothing that are no longer in use, often from the individual who has since passed. These articles of clothing are cut into patchwork pieces and are then reassembled as a quilt unlike any other you’ve seen before. With this quilt, you can keep warm during chilly nights in the Cincinnati, Ohio or Okeana, Ohio while keeping the memory of your loved one with you wherever you go. Of course, Memory Lane Quilting can create other custom quilts for you to enjoy or share with your loved ones in the Hamilton, Ohio or Mason, Ohio area – including family t-shirt quilts!

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