Pay a Visit to the Alliance, Ohio Area’s Newest Local Shopping Center, Courtyard Square


Let’s face it—holiday shopping can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, especially when you have a lot of people on your list. In order to get all of their shopping out of the way at once, some people opt to visit the nearest mall. The biggest problem with this tactic? Your Alliance, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; or Minerva, Ohio area mall is sure to be packed full of people who had the exact same idea, making it a downright unpleasant experience! To avoid the headache, you may want to visit Courtyard Square instead. This local shopping center may be new to the area, but it’s already home to a number of interesting businesses, including a women’s fashion boutique, yarn store, and more. They even have a spot where you can pick up discount groceries! Plus, Courtyard Square will soon welcome the addition of a spacious event center that will act as a concert venue, reception hall, and conference center to those in need. Continue reading

Take the Trip from Your Minerva, Ohio Home and See What Courtyard Square’s Shopping Center Has to Offer!

If you live around the Louisville, Ohio or Minerva, Ohio area, chances are you’ve taken the short trip to visit historic downtown Salem, Ohio at least once or twice. However, those who haven’t had the opportunity to stop by in a while will be surprised by the changes that have occurred recently! The 7-building retail plaza formerly known as Quaker Place is being renovated in order to fit the needs of several new tenants. This local shopping center near Alliance, Ohio is not only home to a women’s fashion boutique, yarn shop, and discount grocery store, but they also have a number of new arrivals coming soon, including a spacious event center! Continue reading