Preserve Memories with a Family Quilt from Memory Lane Quilting near Toledo, Ohio!

As our children grow and our family members age, preserving special moments we’ve shared with them becomes even more important to us. Although we could take pictures and record videos, these items don’t always hold the special meaning that we want them to. If you’re looking for a more creative way to preserve special moments with your Toledo, Ohio or Steubenville, Ohio family, contact Memory Lane Quilting. With the help of their professional quilt services, Memory Lane Quilting can create a family quilt unlike any other. One quilt type that many individuals in the Marietta, Ohio and Youngstown, Ohio areas enjoy is a traditional t-shirt quilt. With a t-shirt quilt, you and your family can join a variety of unique t-shirts together to create a custom made quilt they’ll be sure to cherish. Although these t-shirt quilts make great gift quilts, patchwork memory quilts are another option you may want to consider.

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