Small Studio Is One of Few Yarn Shops Remaining in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio Area

Small Studio_LogoSmall Studio_PaperBy Gemma Chriss

There are a number of individuals throughout the Northeast Ohio region that use high-quality yarn to create beautiful works of fiber art. Unfortunately, they’re finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the materials they need for their craft. In just the last few weeks, two local yarn shops have announced their closing dates, leaving less than a handful of establishments left in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. To those who have never so much as taken a knitting or crocheting class, this may not seem like an issue. After all, there are plenty of online retailers that have such products available. However, experienced crafters know that there’s no substitute for an in-person visit to a store staffed by knowledgeable sales associates. The good news is that Small Studio continues to thrive, providing residents as far as Akron, Ohio and Brunswick, Ohio with the specialty art supplies and expert advice they require. Not only is Small Studio one of the only remaining yarn stores in the area, but it’s the only retail establishment between Columbus and Ann Arbor that has such a large selection of decorative wrapping paper for bookbinding and other paper crafts.

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