Companies in Texas and beyond Can Obtain Underwater Pelletizer Blades from Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc.

By Gemma Chriss

Midwest Knife_LogoIn order to ensure product quality and consistency, it’s important for compounders to have the right tools available, especially when it comes to underwater pelletizing. A dull pelletizing blade can affect the size and shape of the plastic pellets extruded from the machine, resulting in defective parts. To avoid such an issue, those who work with underwater pelletizers should enlist the help of a company with experience in pelletizing repair and replacement. Fortunately, Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. works with businesses in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and throughout the country. In addition to carrying a variety of different blades to meet their clients’ specifications, the experienced technicians at Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. perform underwater pelletizer knife sharpening for those who find it cost efficient for their application. This reputable company even offers die resurfacing services to repair damaged carbide or ceramic tiles. Continue reading

Northeast Ohio’s Own Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. Offers Everything from Granulator Knives to Pelletizing Repair

Midwest Knife_LogoFor nearly three decades, Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. has been serving customers throughout the greater Northeast Ohio region and beyond. What started out as a small garage operation has grown into a highly successful company with a team of trained technicians and a spacious facility filled with state-of-the-art equipment. Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. specializes in the resharpening, repair, and replacement of various granulator and pelletizing knives. Using the latest technology, this locally owned company near Canton, Ohio is able to perform precise grind jobs in order to deliver high-quality rotor knives, bed knives, hook knives, hog knives, strand pelletizers, and more. As Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence among companies around the Akron, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio areas, those who opt to enlist their help will no doubt be satisfied with the end result. Continue reading

Invest in Quality Industrial Carts for Your Hamilton County Business from Des Eck Welding LLC!

Companies throughout the Hamilton County, Ohio area rely on a variety of components to keep their business running efficiently. If you’re part of an automotive plant or create a large supply of heavy product, you need an efficient way to move it from one location to another. If you’re looking to improve the productivity of your Medina County, Ohio business this season be relieving some of this transportation time, consider investing in stainless steel industrial carts from Des Eck Welding LLC. These quality industrial carts are designed to withstand a heavy load and can make transporting those heavy parts much easier. The more efficiently you can move your product from one location in the shop to the other, the higher your productivity rate can be because of the time you’re saving. Des Eck Welding LLC also offers heavy-duty casters that can hook behind tuggers for easier movement through your Richland County, Ohio facility.

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Get Open & Closed Loop Hydraulic Diagnostics & Repairs from Yoder Hydraulics in Wayne County, Ohio

Hydraulic systems simply must work properly. Whether in machines with open loop applications or equipment with closed loop hydraulics, functionality is paramount. Yet, operator error and plain old wear and tear can and will cause problems. And when inevitable and sometimes inexplicable hold ups hinder your efforts, count on Yoder Hydraulics in Wayne County, Ohio for hydraulic diagnostics and repairs. The experts on hand keep companies from nearby Wooster, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio and throughout Northeast Ohio on schedule. Per their timely shipping, they can do the same for you.

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For Electrical/Mechanical Repair Service You Can Trust, Call Sandusky Electric near Cleveland, Ohio

Despite the fact that there may be dozens of companies throughout Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Detroit, Michigan that offer apparatus repair & reconditioning, it’s hard to tell whether you will receive high-quality service or mediocre work. Whether you’re in need of alternator repair, generator repair, or any other electrical/mechanical repair service, you need to know that the business you hire is capable of handling such a task at an affordable price. Fortunately, Sandusky Electric fits the criteria. This Cleveland, Ohio area company is primarily known for their selection of products, but their electrical apparatus repair shop is frequently called upon by contractors and businesses that require exceptional work at a reasonable cost.

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Count on Des Eck Welding in Wayne County, Ohio for High Quality Shop Parts & Automation Parts

Productivity requires many moving parts. Particularly for industrial shops in Cleveland, Ohio and manufacturing plants in Cincinnati, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. Per machine malfunctions and human error, a reliable source of shop parts and automation parts is required in these realms. And Des Eck Welding in Wayne County, Ohio delivers with Kagan parts, high quality casters, and a host of other items pivotal to production.

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Diesel Controls in Massillon, Ohio is a Reliable Supplier of New & Rebuilt Diesel Engine Components

Many fleets, owner operators, technicians and DIY people already know about Diesel Controls. Located in Massillon, Ohio, the comprehensive company is the source of new and rebuilt diesel engine components of the highest quality. Their focus is on diesel pumps, injectors and turbochargers ideal for overhaul and repair companies from Cleveland, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana. Many customers are using Diesel Controls for electronic unit injectors that improve engine performance for companies in Cincinnati, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and all points elsewhere. With a massive inventory filled with more brand names than we can name, Diesel Controls is a name to know!

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Yoder Hydraulics is the Hydraulic Supply Company & Service Provider for Businesses in Summit County, Ohio

Maintaining hydraulic systems is beyond important to businesses that rely on hydraulic equipment. A reliable source for hydraulic pistons, for example, is a must for custom body shops in Hudson, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Equally essential is a dependable provider of hydraulic repairs to towing companies in Tallmadge, Ohio. Fortunately, Yoder Hydraulics meets these and other needs for businesses in Summit County, Ohio that use hydraulic machinery. Located in Apple Creek, Ohio with a team of hydraulic experts on staff, the local hydraulic supply company is a one-stop shop for hydraulics.

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DeSantis Enterprises in Canton, Ohio Provides Towing, Demolition, Excavation, Machine Repair & More!

Versatile and affordable are two of the many words that describe DeSantis Enterprises. With a slew of necessities on its service list, the Canton, Ohio company makes life easier for people in Northeast Ohio. Beginning with 24-hour towing of consumer and commercial vehicles, and continuing with demolition, excavation services, and snow removal, DeSantis does it all! In fact, should your car break down in North Canton, Ohio or your tractor trailer between Jackson Township, Ohio and Louisville, Ohio, technicians at the local company’s auto and machine repair shop can solve your problems.

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Get Hydraulic Problems Solved at Yoder Hydraulics near Wooster, Ohio

People who rely on hydraulic equipment know everything their machines can do. Construction workers in Canton, Ohio are fully aware of their cranes’ capabilities just as auto mechanics in Akron, Ohio and Mansfield, Ohio know what to expect from their hydraulic lifts. Hydraulic problems, on the other hand, can cause confusion and make skilled input essential. And Yoder Hydraulics near Wooster, Ohio is the place to go for answers and assistance. The local company is the hydraulics parts source for companies throughout Northeast Ohio and a trusted resource for hydraulic equipment repairs best preceded by maintenance.

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