Companies in Texas and beyond Can Obtain Underwater Pelletizer Blades from Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc.

By Gemma Chriss

Midwest Knife_LogoIn order to ensure product quality and consistency, it’s important for compounders to have the right tools available, especially when it comes to underwater pelletizing. A dull pelletizing blade can affect the size and shape of the plastic pellets extruded from the machine, resulting in defective parts. To avoid such an issue, those who work with underwater pelletizers should enlist the help of a company with experience in pelletizing repair and replacement. Fortunately, Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. works with businesses in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and throughout the country. In addition to carrying a variety of different blades to meet their clients’ specifications, the experienced technicians at Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. perform underwater pelletizer knife sharpening for those who find it cost efficient for their application. This reputable company even offers die resurfacing services to repair damaged carbide or ceramic tiles.

midwest-knife_pelletizer-bladeSince Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence when it comes to machine knife repair and replacement, it should come as no surprise to learn that businesses frequently contact them for assistance with underwater pelletizers. This Ohio-based company regularly works with a number of popular models, including Gala, Beringer, Crown, BKG, and Berlyn. As a result, the machinists at Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. are well qualified to craft brand-new pelletizing replacements for businesses in need. Though most of their pelletizing blades are manufactured out of D2 or M2 tool steel, they can offer CPM 10V blades to those who prefer the superior performance of this material. If a customer requests a part that Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. doesn’t have in stock, their team can have it made to one’s exact specifications in a timely manner.

Though it’s often more cost effective to make new pelletizing blades when the old ones become dull from overuse, Midwest Knife Grinding does provide customers with pelletizer knife re-sharpening when requested. Businesses in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and beyond can also take advantage of Midwest Knife Grinding’s die resurfacing service if necessary. Since most die faces are composed of carbide or ceramic tiles, they’re susceptible to damage after being run for a long period of time. To resolve this problem, the specialists at Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. can either resurface the die or replace the tiles completely.

midwest-knife_pelletizer-blades2Those in need of pelletizing blades or other parts for their equipment are encouraged to visit Midwest Knife Grinding’s website at This reputable company offers detailed information about their pelletizer knife sharpening, pelletizing replacement, and die resurfacing services online for their clients’ convenience. However, those in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and beyond should still contact Midwest Knife Grinding’s team directly at 330.854.1030 to discuss their own underwater pelletizer needs.

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