Industries in Columbus, Ohio, Can Rely on the Prototype Productions & Specialty Tooling from Seco Machine

By Fiona Vernon

With the proper components, any organization or apparatus can run like a well-oiled machine; however, if even one piece of the puzzle is slightly askew, the result can be catastrophic. Any business from Columbus, Ohio, to Erie, Pennsylvania, searching for an industry leader in comprehensive contract manufacturing will be impressed with the concept to reality machining by Seco Machine, an A. Stucki Company. This local machine shop in North Canton, Ohio, doesn’t simply produce quality machined products, they also take great pride in exceeding expectations with their high level of customer service and vast array of ancillary services that include the warehousing of raw and finished materials, light assembly, heat treatment, production sawing, and so much more. They surpass others in their considerable abilities in machining ADI (austempered ductile iron) to a hardness of approximately 500 brinell, only possible because of their own specialty tooling and coolant formulas. Any commercial industry from Toledo, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, can rely on Seco Machine’s engineering for any project, from solid models and material conversions to prototype production and simulations.

Seco Machine had humble beginnings over three decades ago but quickly gained a reputation for quality machined products, superior customer service, and the accurate and rapid turnaround of orders. This local company successfully built their business on family involving members of the family who carried on the success of the company through the merger with the A. Stucki Company. This family-owned local machine shop was asked to continue, with increases in space over 30 years that necessitated the 120,000 square-foot facility that they currently occupy, with further expansions on the horizon. These changes allow them to constantly re-engineer their production and quality processes to adapt to the demands of growing industries. Numerous companies are included under the A. Stucki Company umbrella, allowing each one to quickly react to any customer request from Erie to Toledo for refurbished and new products, as well as offering an array of ancillary services that include the warehousing of raw and finished materials.

From prototype to large volume automated production, Seco Machine offers precision CNC turning, milling, and automation that meticulously brings any idea to fruition. Each client from Youngstown to Columbus presents them with requests for solutions to ever-changing machining specifications. Anyone who has discovered the impressive results of this hybrid company that combines comprehensive contract manufacturing, concept to reality machining, mold-making, and urethane parts production is thrilled to discover their capabilities. Seco Machine realizes that automation is how companies become competitive, so they operate a variety of robotic cells that range from “down-and-dirty turning” to high-capability machining. Austempered ductile iron is heavily used in the rail industry, to which A. Stucki Company has been supplying components for over 100 years, and is Seco Machine’s signature workpiece material, resulting in a product that boasts low-cost manufacturability of ductile iron castings and yields near-net-shape, abrasion-resistant parts. The variation in thickness and desired end result causes Seco Machine to constantly analyze, test, and improve their specialty tooling when necessary.

Seco Machine’s tight tolerance in their quality machined products is known throughout every industry in which they are involved from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Youngstown, Ohio. This A. Stucki Company division has multiple quality initiatives in place to ensure absolute customer satisfaction in their products and services – from their specialty tooling with austempered ductile iron to their prototype productions. They offer an array of services that round out their breadth, from warehousing of raw and finished materials to light assembly and ultraviolet and magnetic testing. They are more than just a local machine shop with their concept to reality machining and industry-leading comprehensive contract manufacturing. Commercial industries from Toledo, Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio, can be confident in the results when they employ the use of the well-renowned and highly reputable engineering from Seco Machine.

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