Industries in Washington, Pennsylvania, can Find Contract Manufacturing & Prototype Production at Seco Machine

By Fiona Vernon

Manufacturer Seco Machine, started out primarily serving the railroad industry; however, they are no longer simply a contract manufacturer or local machine shop, they are a hybrid of these segments — including moldmaker and urethane parts producer. This North Canton, Ohio, company also offers ancillary services that include assembly, warehousing of raw and finished materials, specialty packaging, coatings, and laser etching for any business from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Washington, Pennsylvania. It takes intelligent, detail-oriented, and dedicated people with superior skill levels to create the quality machined products from this comprehensive division of the A. Stucki Company. The intricacy of the machines that perform everything from prototype production to specialty tooling require focus and precision from the machinists who operate them. With their education in advanced mathematics, drafting, and metal working necessary to perform their jobs well, the employees at Seco Machine love what they do and dedicate themselves to completing every job for Zanesville, Ohio, and beyond with pride.

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