Carwash Boilers, Inc. Will Be at the 2013 Midwest Car Wash Association Expo in Novi, Michigan This February

Carwash Boilers, Inc. has been working to improve car wash equipment for owners and operators across the country since the company was established. A top choice for car wash operators whose priority is to save time and money, Carwash Boilers offers a number of products that help boost efficiency and decrease operating costs. This February, Carwash Boilers, Inc. is proud to be a part of the Midwest Car Wash Association Expo that will be held in Novi, Michigan. Along with offering floor heater systems, high efficiency boilers, and other water heating products to individuals in the car wash industry, Carwash Boilers will be showcasing their new control panel with iPad/smart phone remote access. Operators from Lansing, Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Flint, Michigan, and throughout the Midwest will be present at the expo in order to see how Carwash Boilers’ products can have a positive impact on their businesses.

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